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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Centaur, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. I'm returning to riding after a couple of decades without a bike licence. Apparently its illegal to do 90 km/h in Sydney Road, Coburg, who knew?
    Anyway I've got the licence back and am on LAMS until the middle of next year, therefore I'm riding a Daelim VJF 250.
    The whole LAMS thing is probably not a bad idea as when I re-started riding I was no where near as good as I remembered.
    When I'm not riding I'm a lawyer.

  2. welcome :)
  3. Crime.
    A long time ago I also did Family Law but I stopped, you get a better class of client with crime.
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  4. G'day Perry.
  5. You talking to me?

    (With apologies to Robert DeNiro.)
  6. I guess you quit doing family law is that because you gotta sit there and listen about how their family life sucks ?
  7. Lol you being a lawyer aside

    Welcome to Netrider sir, hope the bike is still putting a smile on your dial :)
  8. Oh, of course, I should have known, I'm old enough (just) to remember Perry Mason.

    Seriously - whether you defend or prosecute the (regular) crooks and coppers treat the whole thing professionally, its not personal. With family law clients its nothing but personal - they're feral.
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  9. Welcome to NR, you and Justus should be just right for each other lol:)
  10. Ain't that the truth
  11. it wasnt me i swear
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