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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Incontinentia, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. I ride bikes.

    The ones that come with engines that is.

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  2. So, we all ride bikes, more info or I can see a mod getting p'd off with ya youngling, anyway welcome!
  3. No shit?
  4. Cheers mate. Youngling? Maybe compared to some, I suppose. Not so much compared to others, I'd wager. However, in my experienence, age has little to do with the value of a person's contributions. As for what bike I ride, I don't really consider it relevant, but if it makes people feel better, I may ride a zx10r.
    Is that a question?
  5. me too. Welcome.
  6. Cheers bud.
  7. hmmmmmmmmmm
  8. Full of it….
  9. I see this ones going to be popular
  10. As popular as the plague I reckon
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  11. A joke at your handle's expense but I see it was missed. No offence intended.
  12. its your eyes they put him off his shit
  13. HAha. Completely missed it. Fair play.
  14. Is your surname buttocks and is your partner Biggus Dickus?

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