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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by JT_R6, May 29, 2013.

  1. Hi all, name's Jeff.

    Been riding for about 3 years, with around 4 months to go until my fulls.

    First bike was a vtr-250. Recently picked up a zxr-250 off here.

    Have a hand me down R6 that is completely buggered won't start (tried everything). Been told it might need a new engine - not really sure, but I joined up because I know I will have a stack of qn's.

    Hope to get involved in a couple of Sydney meetups.

  2. Welcome Jeff, Post up in the troubleshooting area about the R6 I am sure you will get a few opinions on what else to try.
  3. welcome to netrider Jeff (you even spell it right)
  4. The correct spelling is Geoff,short for Geoffrey.
    Jeff is an American conjuntion of Jefferson.
    But then again you both could have been named Jefferson,so forget that.
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  5. Welcome Jefferson.

    What year is the R6? I would be happy to relieve you of the burden associated with fixing it. I cannot pay you.
    But I can do that.
  6. When you post in trouble shooting, make sure you post where you are. There maybe someone local who can help.
  7. Thanks guys. Think it is an '01 version. Haven't really had much time to look into it - I'm in no rush, but when I get more time I will post then.

    Also, if its not working I have an even better reason to look at the Dayton 675 ;), lol
  8. All this talk of Jefferson reminds me of Spaceships.....

    Or - ahhhh.....Starships......

    Soooo------------->maybe we should call you Jane?

    Welcome :D
  9. Welcome Jt_R6 maybe...
  10. This is more appropriate i think, now that you guys have rolled out the welcome mat: