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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by temporary, May 16, 2013.

  1. i am new

  2. And concise ;) Welcome anyway.
  3. Temporary I see too.
    Welcome and become a fixture. We need more furniture.
  4. love to be part of the furniture ,
    but it probally will be very temp as that is the
    way it is.
  5. Cynic, or something you wanna talk about temporary?
  6. nah just heard over here on a diff forum that nr bans
    people left right n centre .

    but maybe not
  7. Depends on what you do to warrant a ban mate.. it isn't done "just because".. unless you're a banned member using a fake account that is..

    Anyway.. welcome and I hope to see you around longer than temporarily.. where ya from? what do you ride? How long ya been on 2 wheels? etc etc etc..
  8. oh dammit @Mcsenna ! when i saw you attached a file, I thought it'd be something like

  9. Yum, thanks Mad one.
  10. we're all just temporary. Some of us are just more temporary than others.

    For the time being, welcommme.
  11. i'm old!!