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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by threepot900, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Hi from Sth Aus.

    I'm a teenager trapped in a middle aged body, wondering what the hell happened!
    I'm a perioperative (theatre) nurse in a private hospital, but have worked in the public system in ortho trauma and people can't work out why I still ride a bike. If I had to explain, they wouldn't understand.

    Daily ride is a KTM 950SM, with an '81 T140 in the garage as a resto project.- Just can't decide between Cafe racer or Flat tracker. May end up as some sort of mutant hybrid.

    I've been riding since I was 16, when I got a Yamaha FS1E for my birthday, and rode to the cinema to see Porkys, Tron, Ghandi, Blade Runner and Mad Max amongst others. No iPods back then ( and I couldn't afford the then new Sony Walkman) so you had to sing as you rode. Eye of the tiger, centrefold, I love rock and roll, Young Turks, The kids in America, Golden Brown and House of fun. Guessed the year yet?

    I've had various RD's, XS and VF500's, RS250 - Honda not 'priller unfortunately- GT Ram Air, X7 and ER Suzukis, CZ and MZ's, a Simson, and a Hinkley Trident amongst others. Been round Europe a few of times as well. Once on honeymoon, and a couple of other trips with the wife on her own bike, and some friends. Always seemed to end up in Amsterdam for along weekend before getting the ferry back to the UK!

    Sorry for rambling, and Hi to one and all. Ewan
  2. Welcome more and more SA folk showing up lately, love it!
  3. Hi Ewan, welcome to net rider (y)

    Some awesome movies you've mentioned there - and I hear ya about the walkman.. I soooooooooo wanted one :( it was hard enough saving up my allowance for something tho.. usually all the coins i had found it's way into a pacman or galaga machine :ROFLMAO:

    wait.. you saw Porkys when you were 16? That must have been educational :whistle:

    Any pics of your bike?
  4. Welcome mate. Some nice coastal road down there in SA.

    Best game ever :D
  5. Welcome!!

    That's two great catalogues in one post, Ewan. Sounds like you've had a great life so far, and some memorable bikes.
  6. Welcome fellow crow eater.