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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mickydicky, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Hi

  2. well, that's mighty informative.

    flesh it out a bit mate.

    The worst we could do is take any information you provide and use it to steal your identity and sign up a bunch of credit cards in your name but that hasn't happened for absolutely weeks so you should be pretty safe.
  3. oo I know all about ya! it's ok! you're name is micky.. you have a dic... umm.. you ride a motorbike.. I think an 04 ZX6R.. and you're from Sydney!

    Do I get a prize??

  4. ^ you sure do - call up a bank of your choice and see how big a credit limit they'll give ya.
  5. lol he's already engaged in conversation - brought in by another member or someone likes the pic of him...i've started conversations with less info.
  6. where is her other hand ??
  7. mick murphy .....r1 rider? i dunno i'm just guessing from his post on sydneys riders on fb :p
  8. G'day.
    Maybe, but this isn't THAT sort of pub.
  9. Hey everybody. Sorry for the crappy opening thread. though i would have been able to delete it after i posted but couldnt.

    Name is Mick, I ride an 04 ZX6R. from the western suburbs of syd and i love long walks on the beach.
  10. so that must be your sister then
  11. No no its the missus
  12. SMA missed out on the beaches bit - no prize for you!
  13. Well doesn't that just suck the big one...