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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by kylehud, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    currently bikeless :-(
    Sold my ninja a few months ago and am back looking for a bike...
    Looking for a 08/09 street triple but they ain't easy to find in NSW..](*,)

  2. hey bud - for the ladies - are you hot?

    welcome by the way :] great place here
  3. Yup! aren't we all!=D&gt
  4. Just a question guys,
    I can't seem to post in any other threads? Is this because I haven't worked up enough posts yet?
    Was just looking for some advice about prchasing a bike interstate and any experiences other guys have had....whether they viwed the bike themselves or hired an inspector to do it for them....:-s
  5. well have you paid to join yet? thats why youcant post [if you havent paid]
    and welcome to NR :)
  6. Unless things have changed, that's not strictly true. If you're unpaid, there's only a couple of places you can't post, but most of the time it's the same as everyone else. Might be a specific number of posts you need to make before you get full access though, I'm not entirely sure as I paid up pretty quickly.

    [MENTION=34918]87crisis[/MENTION]... 2 minutes? That's gotta be a record. Never did get an answer.
  7. What threads specifically cant you post into kylehud?
  8. Incorrect
    The OP can post in any thread apart from the classifieds which is for paid members and site discussion until he gets his post count up.
    All other areas is fine.
  9. my bad! Sorry
  10. Ya, I was trying to ask about one of the bikes currently for sales in the classifed section but it was saying that I dont have access?? So I need to pay or get my post count up??
  11. Classifieds are for paying members only .. ($10 for lifetime membership.. its not bad.. )

    once you make 10 posts you will be allowed to nod.. but you should be able to post everywhere except for the classifieds area. :)
  12. I think the whole classifieds section is off-limits (posting wise) to unpaid users.

    For ten bucks (one-off cost) I just chose to pay up anyway, it's probably the cheapest thing I'll ever buy for my bike :)
  13. It's only $10, well worth it. IT infrastructure doesn't run on pixie dust.
  14. Just about blew my mind when I found out it was $10 once-off fee. I thought it'd be an annual thing, but no. Ten bucks, and you get to support the infrastructure that gives you...

    - robsalvv's amazing noob stickies
    - access to amazing mentors
    - real-life court-cases quoted by justus
    - abuse from blabbus
    - plenty of other useful stuff

    Oh and for just another $5, you can get a keyring from [MENTION=30531]Takamii[/MENTION] which is bloody handy too.