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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NightStar, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Just want to say hi everyone. lm new to posting on Netrider. Recently upgraded to a VStar 650 custom and loving it. Heading off up the coast on Saturday to Surfers and back for a 10 day ride with Caz no 2. Did this trip last year and looking forward to doing it all again

  2. The return leg's definitely going to be the hardest part (recently moved from Western Vic to Brisbane myself, with no intention of going back ;)).

    Welcome to NR :).
  3. Hi starrygirl13
  4. Yep agree. Last year we did 4 days up, 5 in Surfers and 3 days back to Lang Lang Vic. Will probably take 4 days back this time round. Heading off around 8am Saturday and will stop in Merimbula the first night. Cant wait
  5. LOL! Hi Phil01 :) just checking up on me were u...
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  6. hi starrygirl

    Are you hot? ;)
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  7. Told ya
    Your punishment for trying to avoid the
    Welcome thread .

  8. I can take it btw Are you hot...
  9. yeah thanks Phil01, next time you have a brilliant suggestion, ld love to hear it!
  10. that's great i know alot of girls that can take it....doesn't answer the question though..

    and no i'm not hot that's why i'm reduced to hiding behind a computer asking girl's if they are hot on a forum....and hide behind a helmet in real life...so...do a hideous social outcast a favour and post up a picture ;)
  11. Hope it was the pink person and not the 13 that got your attention Crisis
  12. pink female avatar thingo ...i really don't take notice of the names of newbies apart from quoting them.
  13. some things are best left to the imagination...
  14. it's ok...your a cruiser rider - nuff said =D
  15. fffzfzzzztzttztzzzzz

    that would be the sound of a surf rod whizzing out it's line after casting.

    reckon you'll get any bites?
  16. i'm hoping for some more seasoned fish on this outing...perhaps a HB....or even a Phil...
  17. Then again, some things aren't. Post it up rook!

    Welcome btw
  18. *looks at watch*

    ....so nice of you to finally join us gurbachen buddy ;)
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  19. Crisis is fibbin' - he's hot (y) (oh bother - I shouldn't post that since I know ya in the 3d world eh? :rofl:)

    Welcome to NR and enjoy :)
  20. sydmadass just says that shit caus she's got a mad boner for my bikes over her broomstick....dont mind her