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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by woopdidoo, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. I made 2 posts and forgot about the welcome lounge ](*,)

    Anyways, HI.
    Name is Vince. On my L's. 4th month riding. :newb:
    From Sydney. I've got keys to a '93 CBR250RR and an '08 Ninja 250R.
    Did an awesome run to Wiseman's Ferry yesterday mainly due to the fact that I took the wrong turn at West Pennant Hills and went to Hornsby instead of Dural and was then forced to take Galston Rd and its 5km/h hairpins. Gave me a good scare :)

    P.S: There's roadwork on the way to Wiseman's outside Maroota.

  2. Welcome Vince, good to hear you are getting out on the good NSW runs. Having a choice of bikes is a good position to be in. :)

  3. Hey Vince

    Cool 2 bikes!

    How did you find the run as a new rider?, got my license around the same time as you but haven't had a chance to get very far out of the city yet. Absolutely itching to do a funner ride!
  4. @chris, thanks :)

    I found the ride quite easy if you were to just head up to wiseman's from ryde.
    However, I messed up and took the wrong turn -- went to Hornsby and was forced to take Galston Rd to get to wiseman's. (street view galston rd - pretty treacherous lol)

    Just always remember to look where you want to go. Almost went wide staring at a ute in the other lane 8-[
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  5. holy crap dude i just remembered to street view Galston rd. That looks like insanity/ heaps of fun! NEED to go
  6. Welcome to Netrider! Ride safe!