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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Albo, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Hi! I've been reading this forum on and off over hubby's shoulder, and since I got my L's and own bike figured I should just join up. Looking forward to reading lots of useful stuff. :beer:

  2. Congrats on your L's. What sort of bike do you ride.
  3. congrats & welcome, dare we ask whom your hubby is?
  4. um... a shiny black one? lol. I have a GPX250.

    Hubby's more of a lurker than a poster... I think I've already made more posts than he ever has on here.
  5. Gotta love the gpx250. My mate had one years ago. It was a great little bike.
  6. Welcome :)
    I have a shiny black one too! CB 400.
    Thought about coming along to a practice session on Saturday mornings? They're definitely worth it.
  7. I do love it... especially the fact I can pick it up myself after I drop it 8-[

    interested to hear more...
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  8. hello welcome
  9. You sir are legendary, next pay is rego and permit, pay after is fixing up bike, pay after is getting one of your helmets...... they are outstanding.

    Albo welcome, am a new rider myself getting my L's this saturday.
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    Belatedly, welcome too!
  11. Thanks for all the welcomes!

    good luck on saturday.
  12. Welcome to the Nuthouse Albo !!!

    As Meri has already suggested ,
    pop down on a Saturday Morn and say hello :)
  13. I've had a look at that thread... Elwood feels like a really long way away at the moment! But definitely keeping it in mind for the near future. Thanks!
  14. Welcome to NR Albo, just in case you didnt know, there are a few of people that ride in and escort learners in to sat morn prac sessions, from different sides of melb, so if you are worried on getting lost you can always ask for someone to escort you in, what part of melb are you in?
  15. I'm up in the north east, so riding to Elwood would mean either the Eastern or through the ridiculous inner eastern suburbs. Think I need to get a few more k's under my belt before I tackle either of those.