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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by annastasia, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Hi :)

    I'm a pretty new rider, I bought my first bike bout 4 months ago after riding a scooter round town for two years. I bought myself a Honda Shadow VT400 and as I'd been slack and never got my P's on the scooter I'm still on my L's.
    I did that on purpose cause
    a) I couldnt ride a manual bike if i got my licence on the auto scooter and
    b) I wanted to actually learn on the bike as a learner instead of pretending I actually knew what I was doing.

    So I didnt ride the bike much for the first couple of months as I had some bad times with dropping at low speeds on my very first day out. I've since worked out what I was doing wrong and wish I hadda read the 'Noob 101: Cornering...." thread a long time ago, great thread guys !!!

    Anyway I'm riding most days to work and round town (tis a small town), and I try to find a pretty road away from the highways to do most weekends just to practice and grin :grin: and I'm not wondering what the hell I was thinking buying a bike anymore and learning and enjoying it.

    Because it's a smallish town I didnt have to do the learners course to get my L's and I wish I had, it seems to me I'm missing out on a lot of important stuff, but when I can I'm planning to go the Bathurst for the P's course thingy. Just not sure if I should do that on the baby cruiser, I dont know if i can manage the U'Turn on it, or just hire one of their bikes. My gut is telling me to take my bike because it's what I'm going to be riding it should be what I'm trained on.

    Well I'm prattling on a bit now so I'll shut up

    Love NR so far I only popped in tonight but have spent bout 4 hours here already (hubby is wondering when i'm gonna surface I think) and I thought I should say hi and stuff. (where is the wave smiley?)

    oh well cheers :beer:
  2. Welcome to Netrider, annastasia. :)
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    welcome to netrider & i agree on your thought's of learning on your bike as it'll be the one you'll be riding long term as opposed to renting/borrowing one from a friend - i can't quite wrap my mind around doing a u-turn on a cruiser but perhaps checking out youtube for some pointers for you to try in the meantime...if not then by all means it'll have you walking into the course at bathurst with some previous knowledge of what you need to be doing

    example [media=youtube]tLh2Pmi0kXk[/media]
  4. welcome to NR annastasia, kind of addcitive this place lol
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    Thanks 87crisis, good video, tis all stuff I've learnt by reading but good to see someone explain it, he's a real aussie eh. I guess it's just a matter of practicing, my main problem is that trying a u'turn is the only time I've dropped the bike. It's become a head thing now and it even took me a while just to get the courage to do a tight right hand turn, (was even getting my husband to get the bike out of the driveway for me and point it in the right direction for a while). He reckons I could do one now with no troubles but my fear is telling me 'no way'. So I'll just creep up on it.

    Thanks for the welcomes guys :)
  6. Welcome Hun, just take your time.
    Go to a empty shopping centre car park and put some markers out at a comfortable distance for a u turn. Do that a few times. Then slowly bring them in tighter bit by bit when you feel you are ready. You said you know the basics through reading and YouTube so give this a try with out an audience and the likelihood of someone hitting you.
    Good luck
  7. Hi! U turns will get easier in time, but Fz1chicks suggestion about practicing them in a quiet car park is a great idea, and don't forget to work on each direction too. Its a big learning curve and takes a bit of time to work through it all but just take it all at your own pace and never feel rushed or pressured. It sounds like you're already hooked! (both on riding and NR), so welcome! :)
  8. Thanks both of you, great advice and yeah I plan to take it easy and do it all at my own pace, I'll know when my head gremlins have settled down :p Love the carpark idea Fz1chick but I'm finding it hard to find a nice big one here that's empty in daylight hours, it's not a big town with only a couple of shopping centers, oh there's one but it's so full of potholes and gravel I've kinda shied away from it. I'll work it out anyways.

    I have to, cause like ametha elf said, I"m well and truely hooked \\:D/
  9. Welcome to NR. (y)
  10. U turns on the Shadow are a breeze once you get the hang of it mate, just hold the front brake on, give it some grunt and lean to the right, bike will turn in it's own length...

    P.S. just josh'n but it does get easier, and the 400 Shadow is a good forgiving ride.
  11. :eek:

    Damn I'm glad you was josh'n, thanks nobby :)