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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Becka8, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Hi guys. I'm new to Netrider and just got my L's. Looking for my first bike. Any suggestions for a female rider?

  2. Hi Becka, welcome to NR. As for a first bike, best thing is to sit on as many different ones as you can, they are all different, one will stand out above the rest. The first bike I ever rode was a Honda Rebel and my first bike was a Virago 250 (now VStar 250), both of them were easy to ride with a low centre of gravity, great learner bikes. Also Suzuki Intruder, and Kawasaki Eliminator are worth looking at too. Enjoy!
  3. Welcome to NR, like was said it's best to actually go and sit on as many bikes as you can. I started on a CBR125R and Ninja 250R, worth checking out if you haven't already.
  4. Howdy Becka and welcome to these parts. As other posters have already mentioned, the best way to find your baby is by "sit and error" to find out what riding position you feel most comfortable in.

    How tall are you? Do you have a preference for a naked or a faired bike? What's your budget? I started out on a Kawasaki ZXR250A (Zx2r) - I'm a 167cm chick and for me as a Learner with no experience of ever being on a bike, it helped with getting my confidence etc. that I was able to get both feet on the ground. And my neighbour happend to be selling one for $3K, so it was fate! :)

    Otherwise, if you prefer a naked with a more upright riding position, I've only heard good things about the Honda VTR250 from female riders (a couple who were shorter and more petite than me too).
  5. Hey Becka8, suggestions? Get down to sat morn prac session behind BP servo beach rd st kilda, session starts 10am unless you're up early and wanna meet by 8:25am at DFO Essendon then you can come in for brekky, meet some of the folks before we ride down to prac sessions. All learners love these sessions as theres alot of learning to do :) cost is, you pay for yourself for brekky!!
  6. Welcome to NR and what Goddie said ^^
  7. Thanks for all of your comments/suggestions.
    I'm going to look at bikes today. I've set up times to look at a couple of VTR250's. I like the look of the Ninja 250R, so will also check them out.
    I like how friendly everyone is on this site, its awesome. I'll keep you all posted on what bike I decide to get! Take care

    Goddie- I might have to come down to a prac session one Saturday. I work most Saturdays but once I have a bike and a day off I'll definately come!!
  8. Beacka8, the prac sessions are mainly for learners to learn to move your bike slowly and under good control, you also gets tips and the chance to practise emergency braking.
    PLUS meet other riders :)
  9. So I have put a deposit on a 2006 Honda VTR250.
    Pick it up on Monday, can't wait!!!
  10. :D Looking forward to meeting you Becka8
  11. Congrats and welcome - my learner was a VTR250 - I still hold it in high regard. Great little bikes - very capable.

    +1 Goddie and LazyLibran - Once you get your new 2Wheels - get down to the Saturday practice sessions (y)
  12. congrats Becha8, as bitstar said, vtr's a great bike to learn on, you will love it!!
  13. Hi Becka8 and welcome to NR.

    Two pages and still no-one had made lewd suggestions? You guys are slipping :LOL:
  14. Sorry GreyBM (AKA papa Smurf)

    We won't let it happen again :demon:
  15. Well I guess I'll have to step up.

    Are you hot?

    Come on guys, lift your game
  16. I'm not - but GreyBM is a Stunner!
  17. Dear Diary but I was asking OP lol

    (I already knew you were a stunner buddy)
  18. Great choice Becka! Congrats on finding your baby - hope to see you out and about on a ride soon! :)
  19. Hoping your still picking your bike up today becka...welcome and look forward to the pics...
  20. VTR is a great little machine and lots of learners started on one.