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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tracyli, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Hi,everyone.
    Glad to join in this big forum,I am fresh here.
    If i were a boy,I would buy a mountain bike.

  2. but you're a girl so you would buy what exactly?
  3. Hey tracyli, welcome to NR :) so standard questions will be:-
    where are you?
    what bike do you ride?
  4. Just road bike.8-[
  5. are you not aware this is a motorbike forum?
  6. Aha,i know.I like the feeling when I am in motorbike though I couldn't ride it.
  7. how is it you claim to be in nsw yet are posting from a site in belize?
  8. sick'm smee
  9. inconsequential posts to get post count up to then post links ie stuff for sale with an ip address like enjoy.my.dns.bz I'd say I'm pretty spot on with this one.
  10. Belize.......man,not from here.
  11. tic toc tic toc
  12. Gut instinct never lies, stupid twit attempted to foment business via pm, it's that dino site, they have been peppering us with this spam for a few weeks now, if any of you get a pm from anyone pointing you to a dino site let us know.
  13. tits or gtf out