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Hi !!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Alison1474, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Just a quick hi to everyone....

    Looking forward to learning heaps from here.

  2. Hello Alison1474 - Welcome to NetRider.

    Information we have. Some of it is even true. The tricky part is figuring out which bits, especially when we can't agree amongst ourselves. LOL.
  3. Welcome. Nice name :)
  4. welcome to nr.
  5. Uh oh......here we go again
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  6. Welcome Alison, what sort of bike do you have?

    Your cynicism is showing Chef ;)
  7. Well i could of shown her something else :p
  8. Welcome Alison!
  9. Welcome to NR.
  10. hi & welcome to NR
  11. Welcome to the nut house :)
  12. Welcome Aly, oh hang on, there's already one of them here, hmm Chef, can you handle 2?? lol
    seriously Alison, welcome and enjoy :)
  13. There can be only one!
  14. cant improve on perfection hey Aly? lol
  15. say Hi,I am new too.
  16. You don't go chopping people's heads off in underground garages, do you?

    Where's Connor MacLeod when you need him?
  17. I know what you could show her.

    But we'd have to get Blabber back. I don't want to show her mine and yours might frighten her, but he reckoned his always worked. 8-[
  18. Good question. He was a bit of alright
  19. Yeah, I've been told I look like him...

    Nah, not really. He looked better in a skirt.
  20. You hear that chef? She does like older men.