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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by r@ndom, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hi guys and girls.

    Been reading the forums for the last few months and thought I would join up in case I have some input for other riders or have questions to ask at some point which no doubt I will.

    I got my Ls back in Feb and got my Ps a few weeks ago. Had never ridden a motorbike before doing the learners course and had always wanted to get my license so finally just booked it in and went for it. Got my Ps 4 months later after failing the MOST test the first time, hit the tennis ball on the swerve test! A week later after more practicing re-booked and past! Was so relieved. Another 12 months and will be off my Ps, one good thing about being 35 years young I guess :)

    Due to my inexperience of riding a motorbike I went for a 2009 Ninja 250r. Bike is great, looks great, good weight and easy to handle. Power is enough for me so far although already looking at other bikes for when my 12months is up. Is definitely a good learner bike and feel pretty confident on it after riding for the last 5months.

    So that's a bit about me.

  2. Welcome to Netrider, Cameron. :D Ninja is a great bike.
  3. Welcome Cameron.

    You're following the well-trod path, with a bonus at the end because of your age :LOL:.
  4. G'day Cameron - nice to have you with us.

    What's this 35 years 'young' business? What are you trying to say mate? I'm only 48. There's no need to rub it in. :LOL: What would you know anyway? :newb:

    Nice to meet you. (y)
  5. You'll love the 250r. I did my time on one and never regretted a day of it. Never too late to get into bikes. I'm 29 and only got my license a year ago, but wow has it changed my life.
  6. Thanks for the kind welcome guys.
    hornet, yes it was great to get off my Ls and not feel like I was 16 again... Be even better when the P plates are off.
    kneedragon, haha, thought it better to say "young" than "old"
    Sheepy and BenyV yes loving the Ninja so far it's great.
  7. At least in my experience, if you can justify it, lose the cheap IRC Tyres asap. Pirelli Sport Demons will give much better performance and confidence in the corners.

    Make sure you set your rear preload accordingly to your weight too. Will make things feel a lot better.

    If you get really keen, you can even put some spacers in the fork tubes to raise the preload up on those also. I found the forks were pretty spongey.
  8. Welcome to NR. Here at NR we are all 21 years young! :D I used to ride overseas but got my L's here in Australia 3 months ago at age 37.
  9. BennyV, no worries will look at those when I am ready to get new ones. How long should the stock tyres last?

    Can the dealer do the preloading or something "easy" to do? I am in no way very good with the tools so unless it is pretty "easy" I won't be able to do it.

    Lazy Libran - thanks, haha yeah 21 years young sounds good to me!
  10. It's all very easy to do.

    In your toolkit there should be a spanner that looks like a hook with a little square on the end of it. It's called a C spanner or Hook spanner and is use to move preload collars on shocks. If you look at your rear shock there will be a silver ring with stepped sections in it. Use the C spanner to turn this collar. It sometimes helps if you can have a friend help lever the rear of the bike off the ground onto the side stand while you do this to unload the swingarm.

    There is a calculation that's very easy to work out to set your static sag, but a pretty good ballpark is

    Step 1 (Factory setting) 60-80kg's, Step 2 80- 95kg's, Step 3, 95 - 115, Step 4 115+. 5 and 6 would only be used for two up riding.

    It's very simple for your dealer to do if you have trouble. The first time you move the collar it'll be fairly tight.

    As far as the stock tires. I got 12K out of my front but I changed the rear out @ 6K. Honestly, I wished I'd changed them both earlier. I put BT45's on my bike, but a friend of mine has Pirelli Sport Demons on and swears by them. He rides the pants off his 250 so I guess he'd have a pretty good feel for tires.
  11. Cheers for the info. If factory setting is 60-80 then that suits me as I am about 70 odd kgs.

    Ok, thanks. Bike has now done around 5,500kms. Will keep the Pirellis in mind for when I am ready :)