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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by 20k, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hi, Just thought I would quickly introduce myself, I recently got my L's and bought Mr Messy's Black ZZR250.

    I have been introduced to the site by my hubby 'Finn' some of you may already know him.

    Too chicken to go out for ride by myself, waiting on his bike to come out of the shop so we can go for first ride together (that's another story in itself hehehe)

    Happy to be the 20,000th member, hehehe obviously that's where my user name came from (der) \\:D/
  2. Behave yourself babe. Oh, and welcome.
  3. Welcome on board 20K oh and listen to Finn :)
  4. This place is incestuous like that, ain't it?!
    Welcome 20-thou :D
  5. :LOL:
    Love your work mate.
  6. Welcome 20K! Have fun riding!
  7. TWO Finns? This place is getting like a fishbowl :LOL:

    Seriously, welcome to Netrider, from member 1666 !!
  8. Thankyou for all the welcomes :beer::biker:
  9. Finn I just scrolled back through your 1145 odd posts before 20,000 got here .. I think you're safe as long as she doesn't read em all..

    20,000 I had a little black zzr250, bags'o'fun .. welcome
  10. how do i find out what number i was?

    welcome 20 thou!
  11. Welcome aboard Mrs Finn
  12. Welcome to the other side, well the front end of the bike anyhow!
    /me 20 000 nods.
  13. Yeah, I thought I might have to do some "house keeping" but I'm all good :grin: (y)
  14. My goodness! I never noticed that. Thanks. :LOL: [-o<

    And welcome to the party 20000th.
  15. Haha good stuff, was waiting to see who would jump in after i posted we were up to 19999.

    Yep im still bikeless, and living about ~1300km (driving) from where i was :p.
    Bike soon... gotta cage it up first though ;).
  16. Welcome to NR.
  17. Cheers Guys, thanks for the big welcome, now I know why Finn spends soooooo much time on the laptop hehehehehe :dance:
  18. He keeps the netrider window open for when u walk pass but really hes looking at gay p0rn, Netrider is full of twisted people
  19. Eh! I resemble that remark.