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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NSR150, May 31, 2011.

  1. Hi, im Ben. New here, hope to see you out on a ride soon.

  2. Welcome Ben!

    Beware! This site becomes addictive after a while :)
  3. lol Thanks for the heads up mate, where are all the rides?

    Or is everyone on here just too chat. :-s
  4. welcome :) lots of chatting, lots of general motorcycle discussion, lots of bike reviews and rides every weekend basically, and some during the week.

    look around, and head to the "nsw" section for planned rides.
  5. Heaps of chatting and information :)

    From what I can tell, there are quite a few meetups in Sydney.

    Depends on what kind of rider you are. Did you just get your licence or have you been riding for a while?
  6. Thanks guys for the info, will keep an eye out.

    I have been riding for years. I've had a quite a few bikes over the years but only have the NSR now.
  7. Welcome to Netrider :)

    Quite a few NSR150 owners lurking around here, usually complaining about the cost of rebuilds :LOL:
  8. Two stroke fun :)
  9. been there, over 30 years ago, it wasn't a criticism, just a comment :)
  10. The NSR ive had since new hornet and till recently hardly got on it as i had another bike. The NSR only has alittle over 3000ks on the clock so doubt a rebuild will be needed anytime soon. For the odd ride the 150 does me fine.

    Thanks for the welcomes. :biker: