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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jwebb2876, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, name's Josh, I like dogs, good books and long walks on the beach...
    Nah, just kidding :p
    I'm from Parkes, out in the middle of NSW. Sheep, sheep and more sheep.
    Anyway, I own a couple of bikes. An '80 Yamaha XS250 that I'm restoring and a '79 Suzuki GS550 that I intend to do my L's on.
    The Yamaha's currently in a million bits, I'm converting it to mechanical carbies and respraying it. It's in pretty sad shape, but I reckon I can resuscitate it :p
    The Suzuki needs the carbs pulled apart and cleaning, and it's got a siezed clutch cable, but overall it's in very good condition. Much better than the Yamaha, as those are the only real issues. I can probably knock them over in a day, that's tomorrows job in fact?
    I'll upload some pics sometime in the next week or so, my camera's currently out at my parent's property with the bikes.

    Anyways, hi :)
  2. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Good thing you like those long beach walks because the beach is a bloody long walk from Parkes.
  3. Welcome. Always nice to see someone else keeping an older bike away from the junkheap that little bit longer :).
  4. Cheers guys :)
    Anyways, I found these God-awful phone pics buried in my Photobucket. Probably should have left them there, but meh.
    The bike's been sitting for ~5 years, but it's been in a disused pigshed the whole time. The large amounts of bird crap are from the sparrows that have inconveniently taken up residence in the ceiling. Meh, I was planning on painting it anyway :p
    It has a headlight fairing/windscreen thingy, but the screen's broken so it's in the shed at my Grandma's, just over the road. Speaking of which, anyone know where I can pick up a new screen?

    This would provbably be a good time to let you guys know about my other passion: old school Japanese cars. I currently have 3 Mitsubishi Scorpions, but I'm looking at getting an RA23 Celica when I get rid of the parts car.
    Soon to be daily:
    Turbo project:
    Parts car, soon to be stripped and the shell crushed:

    And my dogs, just for the hell of it.
    This is Jake, he's a 16wk old Bull Arab/cattledog cross:
    And this is Jackie, she's a 7yr old kelpie/cattledog cross:

    Sorry for the photodump :p
  5. Now I know where all the Scorpions went !
  6. Haha, believe it or not there's at least 3 guys I can think of with 10+ each :p
  7. ha ha what's that line: "we're talking disorder, and that's only a small step from full on dementia"

    You do know you can just buy a new GS500 right? (/jk)

    Welcome to the forum.
  8. Probably. But where's the fun in that? :p
    Cheers mate :)
  9. Welcome mate. I reckon it would be great fun doing up an old bike. Might have to look into that.
  10. GS is gooooone, Dad sold it on me :mad:
    Looks like I'm stuck with the Yami. Anyone know what getting the top end rebuilt would cost me?