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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by uncle greg, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. 1st post hi

  2. 2nd post hi
  3. 3rd post hi

  4. 3rd post low
  5. 5th post stable
  6. new to net rider &very slow at typing
  7. Oh my head - You've just gone all "cerebral" on me!!!

    Welcome mate - What do (will) you ride?

    Fun Ha!
  8. That's cool man. Tell us about you and your noble steed / soon to be noble steed / what ya want :D
  9. datona photo'd by assasin
  10. hey lots of members into photography!
  11. definitely is :D
  12. yeh i dabble a bit
  13. ahhh anothey gaytona rider, welcome in bud :)
  14. thanks goz im not gay im not sure about my boyfreind though
  15. haha, nicely said!
    what state you from gregblom?
  16. hills invic &you?
  17. Welcome to Netrider, gregblom. Hills in Vic..hmm.. Mt Macedon way, by any chance ?
    Enjoy the forums dude.
  18. welcome Greg. No worries about your slow typing, as I can read slowly v well. Bit like my riding actually.
  19. thanks guys&gals no other hills