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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by snuff3r, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Thought i'd pipe up and say hi after a few months of lurking...

    32yo, living in the inner-city of Sydney. I've only been riding for six months and am still on my Ls. I mainly commute to work on the north side on weekdays and out west on the weekends but I've also discovered i like long road trips when the boss (aka, wife) doesn't mind me disappearing for the whole day.

    I am thoroughly addicted to riding though and am relying on this forum for my chat fixes. I don't know any riders so everyone i know is getting pretty sick of me ranting on about my bike (y)

  2. Welcome Jonesy, join us at homebush on Saturdays
  3. G'day mate

    And as Goz says come to Homebush and say Hi to a few fellow NetRiders.

    Fun Ha!
  4. Welcome Jonesy, nice to see a new rider developing a taste for rides longer than a tankful of gas!
  5. Hells yeah. My ultimate aim in the next few years is a road trip down to Melbourne and across to Adelaide, following the coastline. Throw a tent on the back and head off into the sunset for a few weeks.

    I pass through Homebush every weekend on the way to work. I should check it out.
  6. Nice to see you have your priorities right! ;)

  7. Welcome Jonesy
  8. G'day Jonesy and welcome to Netrider.
    I have a good mate we all call 'Jonesy'. He's a legend, so I guess that makes you one also ;)
    Well done on your L's...keep safe, and have fun on the roads and here in the forums.
  9. Thanks all :]
  10. Welcome to the forum. Living in Newtown sounds tres cool, especially getting around on a bike. But probably not the easiest place to learn to ride. Stay safe.

  11. The hardest part is dodging all the scooter riders hah :]
  12. Don't you get points if you hit them? ;)
  13. Got my Ps today. Yay!


    /had to pimp a pic somewhere
  14. good stuff, now is that 3 years or 1?
  15. Congrats on the upgrade to the P plate =D>
  16. Grats on Ps snuff3r, was good to see you at Homebush and on the ride as well (y)
  17. Well done, looks nice, matching your bike and all. My plate matches mine too ;)
  18. Awwwwww - It matches your bike!

    Good on ya mate!

    Fun Ha!
  19. Hah, i'm just glad to get that stupid yellow plate off the back