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Hi : ]

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by antO., Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys and girls:grin:

    Name is antO 19yrs old from the western suburbs; Liverpool. Just got my Learners yesterday and I'm excited to be apart of this community to meet and make new friends. Currently looking for a ZZR250 or a CBR250RR depending on price and condition at the moment : ]

    Have a safe ride!
  2. Hi antO, welcome to NR and congrats on getting your Ls!!!
  3. :roll: I have enough friends .. so sod off


    .... hehe
    Welcome to NR mate!
    Should have no trouble finding a decent ZZR, beware of some CBR250RRs.
    A great bike, but so many have been thrashed .. make sure you have someone reputable check it out before you buy.
  4. Welcome anto

    Congrats on the license. I think on bikesales, there are a few CBRs and ZZRs around your area.

    Check em out and keep your options open. Good luck with your hunt
  5. Hey Anto,

    Welcome to NR, and congratulations on the license!!
  6. Thanks guys! Yea I'm leaning more toward the zzr250 reason why is thati find its more affordable to buy and maintain. Cbr250 is a good bike but IMO I just think it's overprice for a 15 or so yrs old. What are your input between these two bikes? In terms of ride, comfort, servicing, insurance?

    By the way is there anyone from the Liverpool/cabra etc... area? If so is there any weekly local meetups? If not we should have one :)
  7. welcome to netrider :)

    i have a gpx which is same engine i think as the zzr and it goes well :)
  8. Oh really, may I ask what is the difference between the two models? Many thanks