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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BWV1000, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    Checking in to say hi, have been reading this site for years and have always enjoyed the informative banter. Currently riding a (crap) marauder 250, can't say it's the best sounding/comforting/powered bike out there. Getting my full license in two weeks, so am very very happy at the prospect of soon being able to test ride mid-sized sports bikes, which is where i see myself headed. The second hand market is brimming with old 600cc faired Japs, which i consider a good, cheap and powerful upgrade for a few years. Currently ride around Westhead, Akuna bay etc (sydney north-east).

  2. Welcome to the posting side of Netrider.

    A couple of redoubtable Netriders live in that area, so riding companions when you upgrade will not be hard to find :).
  3. Welcome bud, dont like the road condition around akuna bay, way overdue for some new tar
  4. Yeah the road is pretty shocking, there're few confident corners that you can just fly into, trees are everpresent, plus the occasional roo that decides to jump into your path 40m in front of you - flying along at night, there's nothing like that to test the bike's brakes! The maurader's scrapping it's pegs after 2 degrees of lean, pretty scarey when you've gone in hot. I love the area though, close to home, nothing beats westhead, until you have some guy on an r1 pass you over a crest, front wheel in the air