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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Greens07c50, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Hi guys only just found this forum, have been riding since i was 17 Laws in |WA were different back then Im nearly 40 now I ride an 07 Boulevard C50 Bought it new after riding sports my entire life wish i did it earlier missus loves it though
    Any way just wanted to say Hi

  2. Welcome to Netrider :) We have quite a few big cruiser fans here.
  3. Hi Welcome to NR :)

    Post some pics of your ride! Being a newbie I'm still exploring all the different bikes.

    Ride safe

  4. welcome to the forums.
  5. Some images

    Standard at the moment except the light bar just waitin for the auusie dollar to climb again and i need to do 5 posts before pictures
  6. Re: Some images

    2 more posts, we are waiting :grin:


    reply to this post, then reply again to yourself, theres ya 5
  7. Hello

    welcome, you will have a ball round here - but keep your wits about you :)
  8. wits is what Im good at :LOL:
  9. My machine

    Just ordered back rest today for pillion


  10. looks awsum
    is it chain or shaft?

    rode a yami 1600 road star and loved the ride - the add ons cost an absolute fortune though , i mean $700+ for the sissy bar, @$200 each for the passenger floorboards. but had to have it

  11. boght light bar with it cost me 400 its shaft driven fuel injected 805cc 5 speed

    Sissy bar just cost me 275

    Exhaust is gunna cost me 800 ouch

    As stated i rode sports for years shouldnt have lived this long but now love me Cruiser
  12. What are you getting done with the exhaust

    wanted mine to roar so people knew i was around, went down to the exhaust specialist $350 later sounded awsum. They actually pull apart the muffler rather than just butchering it

    ( which was what i was bout to do with hammer and length of steel rod.)
  13. V&H Pipes so i can put originals back on to sell one day want noise not to much but sick of it sounding like postie bike warranty expires in june
  14. Love the bike, looks fantastic!
  15. they always have that pissy quiet sound - i understand its for regulation but someone must know the first thing we do is mod the exhaust.

    good luck take care
  16. Thans Sirian would like to take credit but alas thats how it came from the factory.

    I just love it though me and the guys ride to bendigo now and again and cafes in Wiliamstown and i never feel tired its bloody comfortable

    It may not be a Harley But i have used tool kit to repair harleys that have vibrated apart lol