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Hi Viz works huh?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Big W, Jun 24, 2015.

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  1. I read this a few minutes ago, how very sad, and, as you say, also how instructive.....
  2. News story appears to contain contradictory information. As such I'd regard it as impossible to infer anything about the role (or not) of hi-viz from the incident as reported.
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  3. Perhaps PatBPatB but I wear one and have had incidents where it has done nothing. Despite employing 'be seen' tactics by varying my speeds, location in traffic, buffering in my lane. From day one on the roads when my neighbor flew out of her driveway in front of me I guessed it wasn't going to be that useful. In my newbie paranoia, I had already started to come to a stop as it was the first car I had ever encountered. Good lesson learned early. Don't assume that you've been seen.
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  4. I'm tired of people bagging fluoro for wrong reasons.
    Why do people expect an $8 fluoro vest to work every single time, but a $2,000 acropovic exhaust only has to work once to be "worth it".

    Nothing will make you be seen by someone not looking.
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  5. +1
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  6. The article is rather brief so it's hard to determine what actually happened. The biggest question is, was cyclist in trucker's field of view at all? I mean if he was in the blind spot of which trucks have a-plenty, hi-vis vest was not contributing to the actual visibility in any way.
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  7. I don't believe in the effectiveness of hi-viz either. I'm just saying that it's not possible to infer anything from that news article apart from the fact that at least some of it is almost certainly wrong.*

    *Being "run-over" by a stationary or near stationary truck (we are told that the truck "pulled away" after the accident) does not "throw" anyone 15 metres. However, I'm not going to comment further on that as it's sailing rather close to the wind of speculating on fatalities.
  8. You can wear all the high viz you like, but if people arnt paying attention around them your in the shit.
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  9. I've lost count the number of times I've been stuck next to someone in traffic to my Left, they turn their head to check if it's clear, look straight at me from 6 feet, indicate and start heading my way then suddenly jump in shock and swerve back. There is definitely a psychological block to seeing motorbikes. And yes I usually wear High Vis. No idea if that's what helped. Maybe.

    The ones that really scare me are the rare ones that then smirk and come back at me. Might is right or something. Reminder to always look for escape routes.
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  10. That is sad, but not unexpected. As far as vulnerability goes, cyclists have it much harder than bikers, they share the road with vehicles that are much larger and much faster, while being the least visible.

    I reckon cycling on main roads is a recipe for disaster for a number of reasons. At least with a motorcycle you have the option of moving out of the way quickly. I believe such accidents are less likely to happen to us because we would either be going faster than a truck and/or overtaking it.

    It's probably not a huge secret that cyclists do have a tendency to cock-block traffic a lot, And for such a vulnerable vehicle that's a pretty big risk.
  11. My personal take on hi viz everyone's wearing it no one sees it anymore. Years ago when council workers doing mowing and weed eating (no not that sorta weed) on footpaths and centre median strips stood out like well you know what. But as i say even widow washers wear it on high rises who's gonna run into them up there. Or is it in case they fall you can see them and get out of the way.
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  12. My take on high vis is that it is mostly seen worn by roadworkers... Who are mostly stationary or only walking, suddenly I see the wearing of high vis as an entirely terrifying idea.
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  13. Yup that's why they are called widow washers...
    I thought on first read you meant those dudes at the intersections doing cars..I even see them in high vis sometimes and even the homeless guys selling their Big Issue mags...
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  14. #15 oldcorollas, Jun 24, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2015
    from other sources..

    "The male rider was travelling east along Keilor Park Drive when it is believed a truck, turning left on the road to head north along Slater Road, collided at 8.20am."

    "Police have been told the truck was turning left from Keilor Park Drive towards Slater Road at about 8.20am when it struck the cyclist, who was riding east along Keilor Park Drive.
    "Investigators believe that the truck and cyclist collided and the rider went under the truck," Senior Constable Adam West said in a statement."

    should a truck turning left have to give way to a cyclist travelling straight (on the left side of truck)? they do have big arsed signs on the back "give way to turning vehicle"....

    if cyclist was alongside cab, they'd probably be in blind spot.
    but if they were alongside trailer... then they should give way to the truck no? if you were in a car or on a bike, same thing.. (edit: a bit different if there is turning lane but still.. giving way to trucks is usually a good idea...)

    fwiw, there is a turning lane https://goo.gl/maps/epLzr and is that a bike path on the side or a really wide footpath?
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  15. #16 oldcorollas, Jun 24, 2015
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    so... that shared footpath/bicycle lane (Western Ring Path).. why wouldn't you use it? on a road with 80k speed limit....

    there is an underpass nearby which can barely fit 2 trucks side by side (it's industrial area.. lots of trucks)... and a wide bike path next to it...
    I've lost count of the number of bicycles that have nearly been collected riding on the road through there....
    sometimes you get what you ask for :(

    surely this accident had nothing to do with high-vis? just bike in wrong spot at wrong time, when they had the option of a much safer bike path...
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  16. We don't know enough about the accident to answer those questions. One reason not to use the footpath is if you intend on going straight on rather than turn left.
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  17. yeah fair enough... but there are options for going straight that don't need to involve such conflict between vehicles..
    given the bike position, maybe that's where the person was crossing, but didn't look? or maybe they just fell off their bike randomly? who knows...

    anyway, hi-vis or not, it bugs me when fellow cyclists put themselves in unnecessary danger when they have other options :p

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  18. That's the thing though, we don't know what option he took. Blaming the dead guy without any details is not really kosha.
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