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Hi-Vis safety video *warning graphic*

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Oct 13, 2011.

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  2. The driver in the yellow car must had been on the phone... or was it you, Cheffy??? ;)
  3. Now THATS a SMIDSY moment!
  4. That's just retarded
  5. Actually I think the driver might have been in fashion as it looked like the vest matched the color of the car, hense 'there was nothing there'
  6. Yup. See me run up to him and say Sorry Mate I Didn't See You?
    He felt heaps better after that
  7. what the **** is worng with people

    bright yellow
    lights flashing
    siren blaring

    and they still could not see him
  8. looked to me like driver was too close to truck in front of him, truck veers away so last minute driver spots cop who stupidly just stops in the middle of a fast moving freeway.
    None too bright all around by the looks of it.
  9. There was another car in front of the yellow car which was behind the truck who managed to change lanes quite safely. The yellow driver kept going straight and only turned when the copper got off the bike.

    It was stupid of the police rider to be in the middle of fast flowing traffic (maybe should have had half the arse hanging in the emergency lane so people can notice further down) but still, if a truck and car both change lanes while slowing down in front of you...shouldn't you be slowing down and wondering if there is a possible obstacle ahead? Could have been a cow in the middle of the road with a hi-vis vest on and the driver in the yellow car would have still hit it.

    Dangerous position for the cop, but that was just retarded from the driver...bad enough they don't head check, they obviously don't look ahead either.
  10. There's a heap of fail boxes to be ticked in this one.

    The two most notable:
    Some police think they have magical powers
    Some people think Hi-Vis has magical powers
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  11. nice job of swerving into him too.
  12. This is why we wear atgatt, for when the fluoro vest fails.
  13. People are stupid and blind....
    A truck moved out of the lane to avoid "something"
    This is terrible to watch.....seriously terrible....

    In a "strange" way - thank you Chef