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N/A | National Hi/Vis and Flashing Lights wont save you

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by deadman, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. There is a video on Facebook at the moment, I dont know how to put it on here, so I will describe it as best I can,
    Maybe some one on here can find it and post it up,

    A copper is riding into a Y merging main road from a major side road,

    He has full Hi/Vis Clothing on, and its loud, He has all his lights flashing, Yes you can definately see him,
    He has his siren blasting, and you can hear it,

    He rides into the left hand lane of the Freeway and stops there, Across the lane,Stationary,

    The truck coming in the left lane see's him and pulls into the right lane and keeps going,

    The car following the truck, a fair way back, just keeps coming and plows into the copper on the Bike with all the lights and sirens going and the HI/VIS clothing,

    Luckily the cop see this clod at the last minute wasnt stopping and lept off the bike,

    But he still got hit and thrown across the road, The bike ended up under the car,

    So with HI/VIS and Lights Flashing and sirens Blaring, the cop still gets hit, and I do mean hit hard, the copper was fully side on to the car, so the bike could not be missed,

    How does HI/VIS protect us in any way, It doesnt, its a publicity stunt by a copper who doesnt wear the HI/VIS that has been issued to him all the time any way, He has admitted to this,

    I feel really sorry for the copper being SMIDSY'd like that and I hope he was not injured too badly,

    But it did look like he was going to be carted off in the meat wagon to hospital, He did get thrown through threw the air for a fair way,

    What a waste of a good bike, Due solely to an Idiot in a car,

    I suppose this could be called a rider down thread also, But under these circumstances it should be allowed to stay,

    And people wonder why I get so Agro at times with cars, This is one of them, Even Coppers dont deserve this,

    The video is pasted up under my Facebook name, If some one would kindly put it in here,

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  2. This video should be the only response to any fool calling for mandatory hi-vis
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  3. Something very similar or even the same was on you tube. I was looking at it thinking WTF?
  4. YouTube, "heavy police motorbike accident on camera" or similar.

    That copper was a complete idiot, but it highlights how shortsighted most drivers are. The cop was in direct dead ahead view.
  5. yep seen it, he gets a nasty crunch from a 21 year old girl txting at the speed of 68 kmh
  6. This one, yeah?
  7. *shakes tiny fist at waedwe*
  8. Thanks for posting the video, Its the one I was describing,

    Words really fail me,

    HIVIS wont save you,
  9. given that motorcycles are invisible > fact
    parking your bike in front of cars on a freeway is'nt particularly bright.

    yes pun intented !! YEESSSS :woot: OOOH YEAAH

    get it bright > clever
    bright > clothing
    **** yeah !!! i'm on a roll baby \\:D/
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  10. haha!
  11. Pretty ballsy effort by the cop. This was always going to end in tears.....

  12. Really demonstrates the point though doesn't it. Not only did he have the hi-vis on, he had flashing lights, a siren and he positioned himself DIRECTLY in the drivers view. He could only have made himself more visible by dancing on the seat gangnam style.
  13. I emailed the VicPol media unit this morning inquiring as to whether the cops are aware of this clip.

    It will be interesting to hear what they come back with - if anything.

    Will post their reply here - if I get a response.
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  14. Did you send them the Video as well.
  15. Gave them the link. I thought everyone would have deduced that one...

    But, for those that think I may have overlooked it - yes I did send them the link and encouraged them to view it:angel:
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  16. You can see Hi Vis at work here. You go where you look.
    Notice that when the driver finally wakes up, his eye is drawn by the Hi Vis jacket, causing him (or her) to swerve away from the bike and run down the fleeing cop.

    If they can't see you, they've got nothing to aim at.
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  17. #18 jdkarmch, Sep 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Also asked TAC via their Facebook page - via a message and this is the response they sent today:

    I don't think that they really get it do they?

    Here is my original email/message:

  18. In the GLS discussion forums couple of years back, there was an L plated mature rider who shared a few anecdotes about how he believed traffic behaved around him with and without his wearing hi viz. In his experience, drivers took more risks around him, passing more closely mainly, when he wore hi viz.

    It seemed to him, that the further away they spot the fluoro colour the more time they have to plot yours verses their path and the finer margins they allowed.

    It's a kinda counterintuitive effect of hi viz. I've heard some other noobs mention something similar, but it's not really a statistical sample and how would you filter out the rider's own subtle changes in riding behaviour with and without hi viz that might influence the outcomes... but it all points to the one thing, evidence is needed one way or another.
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  19. L & P plates have a similar effect -- more so in NSW with its separate lower speed limits for L/P motorists.