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Hi, very newbie rider here :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Samantha, May 19, 2006.

  1. Yes, so newbie that i've yet to ride anything :eek:

    I'm a 17 year old (female) interested in motorbikes and riding and trying to get into it all. Only 2 days ago i went a checked out the bikes at the Causeway Dealerships (I live in Perth :) ) only to be pretty much laughed at and told my best bet was the Kawasaki GPX250R (I'm 156cm tall and very slight build) and that that bike is the smallest and best learners bike I will find.
    I had a look and I don't think I'd be too comfortable having that bike as my first bike.

    Anyway, what I was getting at is that I have very little knowledge of bikes, I don't know anyone that owns or rides a motorbike and I was wondering if I could make some friends or aquire some mentors here and maybe some information in the process :wink:

    The very least you can tell me is that the guy at the Causeway shops was right and I'll resign myself to waiting a few more years or maybe buying one of those new Sachs 50cc bikes and just playing around :)

    Phew, thats all :p
  2. If you are only a small person, I'd go for one of the mini cruisers. They have low seats, usually geared to cruise around, so not too hard to get moving. We had a small Honda Shadow I think it was at my learner's course, and I gould put my feet on the ground with my knees at 45 degrees, so even teh shortest person would be good on one.
    They also have the advantage of being a nice upright seating position and therefore a lot easier to ride.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Oh I am :cool:
    although I get the feeling many of the members here are in the 20+ age group? :p bit inappropriate :wink:
  4. What about the 250cc Pagsta's any opinions on those?
  5. Hey i am from perth so welcome from the small contingent of perth riders here.

    Out of all the street faired bikes i sat on, the CBR250RR is the smallest to me, the gpx250 was more comfortable, so i think that might be the best if you want a full fairing one. Otherwise go sit on all the smaller bikes and see which one feels better, and you can probably adjust the height a little bit to make it a bit easier to hold the bike up.

    The guys down the road from me at the corner of bulwer st and lord st in perth are pretty good, so if you want someone who might help then you might want to try them, there is a couple of girls who ride who work there if you want a nice person to help you :grin:
  6. Go for the GPX. It would be the most learner friendly bike thats around. I tried various other 250s and the GPX suited me fine. I am 5.5 and 68 K. Perfect until I get of the P and get my Hyosung 650. GPX= cheap and reliable.
    Ride safe.
  7. Spot on ..... I love my Virago :grin:
  8. thank you for the tips, i didn't think i'd get such a response in such a short time :grin:

    i will definately check out that place in perth, nexus, thank you :)
  9. :rofl: :rofl:

    You might say I appreciated this comment!

    With a username such as yours it was unexpected :grin:
  10. Heck, why not a Pagsta? People tend not to take them too seriously, but the engine is licensed from Honda, the price reasonable, and the ergos friendly for a small person. Don't dismiss Pagsta just because of the silly name and lack of credentials... people dismissed Hyosung too at first, but they don't make fun of it anymore.

    Actually, Hyosung cruiser could be another option for you.
  11. off course all the sausage in here was happy to reply to a lady in need. ;)

    typical males.

    so.... you thinking bringing down your small sexy frame to melbourne soon?

    maybe i could take you for a ride.

    and then possibly show you my bike......
  12. oh yeah. i'm new too!
    shame about my first post :)

    oh yeah. good luck with your bike hunt samantha.
  13. welcome to you.. enjoy the forums..
  14. welcome aboard Samantha :) good to see there are more gals getting into riding and starting up young too! good to see :grin:
    welcome and enjoy and goodluck finding that 1st bike :wink:
  15. thank you for the..uh.. warm welcome renepo :p
    For a while i thought i might have to settle with a scooter :oops: but now my last resort is a Sachs Madass :D especially if they bring the 125's in..
  16. samantha, i don't know what that is but it sounds so sexy when you type it...

    say it again....sanchs madass.. come on.. idulge me..
  17. Get a room you two :wink:
  18. Gday and welcome

    Cheers :cool:
  19. thats MADAS!!!! guess thats why they called it that huh?