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Hi Too Mystery Girl!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. damn this thread would of been awesome to bump if it still had some content!!

  2. No it wouldn't
  3. Alright if no one will bite, i'm gonna take the bullet!

    I'm seeing a few girls atm, there's a front runner but there's a catch. Now she's freggin hot, top personality, funny, we share similar interests etc.


    She is a christian virgin.

    When she gave me this news my heart sank. I think its a good thing that she can hang on to it for 18 years but realistically I can't see myself getting married anytime soon so she may have to remain a pretty untainted picture for at least a little longer... *sigh*

    Life is cruel.
  4. That':bannanabutt:s why god invented divorce.
  5. She's 18? bleh, if she still a virgin after one overseas trip or by the time she is 21 i'll beleive her
  6. I feel your pain man.

    Dating a girl, most attractive woman I've ever been with, funny and affectionate...

    But she has a condition that means there have to be large intermissions to the tune of days, weeks, or in this case, months perhaps, between bedroom fun.

  7. your seeing a few girls? browny cant even get one! help a brother out you selfish carnt
  8. Ask her to choose.

    I figure any person I would really want to date wouldn't choose the side that people like Mel Gibson and Tony Abbott are on.

    Failing that point out that the whole point of Christianity is not about not sinning. It's about forgiveness of sin.
  9. He can have my missus if he wants.

    She didn't pair my socks before putting them away, and it took her 2 hours to clean the kitchen after she made dinner.... disgraceful I tell ya!
  10. LOL@ Luke.

    My wife is available, can you believe she is having today off? ZOMG
  11. LOL, "God or me? Choose now!"... are you sure you want to press this point? :)
  12. I considered this point... I figure i'm good enough at argumentation to convince a naive girl like her (who hasn't read the bible I might add) why she really has no reason to stay in her current state however....

    it dawned on me that doing that might just be a bit immoral.... Not because i'm taking her away from her god but because i'm destroying her convictions for my pleasure.

    Its not like i'm devoid of female contact, this one just happens to be a fine specimin with excellent character but a fatal flaw.... Ah well plenty of random motorbike girls out on the road :rofl:

    I might just put her on the friends list so I can have access to her network of girlfriends. I think she's awesome but I'm not the guy to taint this sort of thing and her friends are pretty good looking so its not a great loss, just the awesome personality will have to be kept plutonic.
  13. Sounds like a plan.
  14. Take her out, get pissed together, head back to your place and before you know it she'll be banging like "Rambo IIII".....and trust me, I watch that movie in suround sound. There's lots of bangs in it.