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Hi Too Mystery Girl!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hitoriko, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all

    im trying to find the chick who put me onto this site, shes about 23 5'6 brown hair glasses and is really cute!

    i met her at the brighton JB Hi-Fi she rides a blue suzuki has brand new farrings we were speaking for about 20mins about bikes and etc...

    so if you see this shoot me a pm

    BTW Mods please dont delete just move to the correct forum if its posted in the wrong place

  2. Good luck hitoriko on your search gor mystery girl... who enjoys long walks down the aisle of JB HiFi and beautiful romantic store lit chats. :) :grin:
  3. Hey does this mean we can have dating forum now. Blue/silver zzr 250 seeks robust zx250 for meaningful Cruising
  4. The boy's in love
  5. Hahaha That's so funny :LOL: Meaningful cruising...
  6. Ha ha ha! :LOL: Sounds like a top idea!
  7. lol, puts new meaning to the term "seeking same"

    must provide photo of bike and gear :p
  8. Love is in the air... :LOL:
  9. How about this, if someone posts . . . .

    Ducati riding gal with panniers seeking laid back dude, for long meaningful rides . . . .

    Do we assume . . . . .

    a. She is high maintenance
    b. Has some emotional baggage
    c. Seeks a cruiser rider
    d. . . . . wants something long term ??

  10. Ha ha ha. There is an extremely hot looking chick that gets around Canberra on a 05 CBR600RR who I wouldn't mind meeting though!!! :bannanabutt:
  11. "Hey baby, let me buy you a new rear-tyre."
  12. Do you have protection...

    Of course baby, I always carry a Shoei.
  13. "Is that gravel rash on your Draggin's, or a bike trail to heaven?"

    "Your Dainese leathers look good on you... they'd look better on my bedroom floor."

    "Hey baby, can I lube your chain?"

    OK, someone rename the thread to "Biker pickup lines" that's all we're going to be able to think of now :p
  14. At least the term "do you want to polish my helmet" could be taken in a clean context then!
  15. Yeah sorry hitoriko. I hope you find her. :)
  16. Do you always wear knee pads at home or are you just happy to see me ? :eek:
  17. Was going to write some more, but screw it. Biker pickup lines need their own thread.
  18. Mate, I hope that I find her !!! :wink: :wink:
  19. Looks like it GAME ON!!!
  20. hahahhaha this is freakin funny thread, sorry mate, i hope you do find her but now you have half the forum trying to find her!