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Hi to you all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Goose Whisperer, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Just joined after the Sunday Beginner/learner ride.
    I had a great time. My husband is a member and said I should give the ride a go. Now I am keen to be out again.
    I just need to hit him up as babysitter (which means he cannot go out!)
    I guess my house now has competition on who gets to ride. LOL
    It was great to meet other people out in the sun for the day.
    A big thank you and I hope to meet others out and about.

  2. Welcome.

    I think it's time to organise a baby sitter. Going for a ride and leaving the other behind is just mean... mean I tell ya! :)
  3. Don't worry, I got even yesterday and had a great ride to Jamieson via the Eildon Jamieson Road.
  4. I think the point was, that either way one of us doesn't ride!!! or was that one gets to stay home an look after girls?? I know which one I prefer. ;)
  5. grats on joining and grats on having a great ride

    can't you get a pink side-car for the kids?
  6. That suggestion has been made, LOL.
    Not sure how I would go with a side car. The 12yo has all her gear, it is the other two with the issue. Do they make helmets for a 1yo?
    Baby sitting is just an extra cost and not to many understand the calls saying we may be out for another few hours, just cause we can. Hahahahaha
  7. No need.
  8. Cute. Now if it had a window!
    Both little ones already climb on the bikes and cry if you take them off.
  9. T'was good riding with you on sunday, Hope to see you at another ride soon !

    Even better, organise yourselves a baby sitter for the ankle biters and both come out for a spin !!
  10. Welcome, nice having on the ride.
  11. Thanks guys for the nice welcome and the ride.
    We will be trying to go out together, just need to find that helpful person willing to put up with the girls. The eldest would be happy to babysit but I would like my house to be standing when I get home. LOL
  12. Hi GW and welcome to Netrider mate. Looking fwd to meeting you on a ride sometime.
    Cheers :)
  13. Hi and welcome to NR. Hope you get the child minding issue sorted out.
  14. Nothing stopping me now.
    Thanks again everyone for the great Welcome!
  15. Welcome aboard. Woo Hoo, another lady rider. We are slowly taking over.
  16. welcome aboard :)
  17. I thought I might be the only girl on the Sunday ride. It was nice to have 3 of us. Although it was 3 in a group of 21 LOL. Not really taking over yet.
  18. Welcome to nr give the 12yr old a few years and theres your baby siter
  19. Welcome to Netrider. Bit tricky with littleuns. My oldest turns 8 in Nov and already conditioning him. He loves to jump on the back for the metre or two 'ride' from the driveway to the garage! Baby steps