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Hi to fellow bike riders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by vahramh, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. ... been browsing the site for a while, before I realised it wouldn't be too polite to introduce myself...

    My name is Vahram, I'm from Melbourne, 48 years old, and returned to bike riding after a 29 year break (had to give up back then in quite unpleasant circumstances)

    I thought that riding skills are never lost - I was wrong. Had to learn everything from scratch again, albeit with a bit more mature mind and attitude to compensate for the lack of skills.

    So, I've been riding for about 5 months now, got a Yamaha V-Star 250 and love it! This time hopefully I'm in for good, but will probably stick to cruisers - I realise my reaction is not what it used to be, so speed is not for me anymore.

    So, hello again!

  2. Hi vahramh,
    Welcome back to riding mate. I think reaction-time is a very relevant factor to us all, be it with increasing age, absence from riding and/or even fatigue/distractions whilst being 'out there'.
    Great to hear you're back and no doubt your skills will improve with constant, regular riding.
    Enjoy the forums mate.
  3. welcome mate :)
  4. Hi vahramh and welcome to NR
  5. Welcome to nr mate
  6. HI vahramh!

    Welcome to the boards. This is an excellent forum :)
  7. Good to see you returning to two wheels again.
  8. Welcome mate and good to hear you're back on the bike again

  9. as I often find myself saying these days, welcome (back) :)

    As a returnee myself some years ago after many years away I found the modern motorcycle a thing of great wonder and unbelievable scariness :shock:.

    my old Yamaha RD-250 weighed around 174 kilos and developed around 29 horsepower

    my (by no means cutting-edge) 1998 model Honda Hornet 600 weighs nearly the same and develops around three times that power figure

    wiser heads would probably suggest a cruiser too, but I spent all my riding on a naked, and I've never got used to the feeling of my feet being disconnected from my body that a cruiser imparts

    whatever, enjoy the ride!!!
  10. Hey Varamh, welcome to NetRider and welcome back to the world of riding. Great to hear you're enjoying the V-Star, that's all that counts!