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Hi to Everyone

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' at netrider.net.au started by oz_mick, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Hi All,,,

    I am new to the forum and just getting into the swing of trail bike riding (XT250), also cruiser (XV750) riding after a 22 year absence from bikes. Also got my kids into dirt bike riding as well.

    I am really interested in Adventure Bikes in particular the KLR 650.

    Anyway just wanted to say hi and heres a couple of pictures for you to laugh at.


  2. Hi Mick :grin: Welcome!

    My other half and I have just discovered the joys of adventure riding. We bought a KLR650 after my Ducati was stolen, the decision made as we had just moved to the bottom of the Black Spur and we wanted something that would be a good commuter (I ride a 130km round trip to work each day :? )and so we could have a go at dirt which is new to both of us. three weeks ago, Jay traded his R6 for an '08 KLR650 and we have absolutely LOVED getting out and trying some completely different riding!



    We can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit (and dry out :LOL: ) so we can do some serious trips on them :grin:
  3. Hey Mick

    welcome to Netrider
    we are members of the Advrider forum and head out with the local Tassie crew whenever we can. The KLR is a nice lighter bike to what we head out on and definately more then capable

    You have some cute little midgets following you in those photos :LOL:
    well done on training them young
    our kids live for the bikes!!

  4. Thanks we have only been out twice and they have taken to riding like ducks to water. My little girl,, of 9 years,,, on the pink bike (doh) well she did not want to get off and kept riding past me when I was signaling it was time to pack up and go home. Little ones ride 50 cc bikes two older boys have 125 cc bikes. :) so much fun out in the bush,,, have found a place with a clearing with a variety of terrain,, sand mud trails mounds hills all the normal bush stuff.

    My neighbour and me constructed a six bike trailer to get it all out there...

    The KLR 650,,, Lil fantastic pics on those links and a great story with them to boot,,, thanks for sharing that. LOL so thats what snow looks like (<<lives in QLD>>) and gravel,,, I know that stuff well,, I almost fell of my Virago on Monday Nite in my neighbours, sisters brother 3rd cousins twice removed driveway....

    Anyway back to the KLR,,, I have been buying a magazine called Trailzone and in it they took a KLR 650 and improved it out of sight with a few simple mods... there website www.offroadexplorer.com details the mods they did.... Basically they improved the bike and it now has a 50/50 road trail capability :) and its great price tag makes it a winner in my book....

    Next year I will buy an 07 or an 08 model most likely 2nd hand and get into adventure bike riding as well :)

    Anyway thanks for the warm welcome

  5. Don't discount the dr650, also another capable dual sport bike.
  6. do it in the dirt
  7. DR 650 I will look at that one too....
  8. There are a few different options with the different types of enduros.

    Just so you have a little more info. The reasons for us buying the KLRs:

    Fuel range. We get 400kms out of the 22L tank before reserve (we don't have access to all the fuel due to the shape of the tank, but a mod can be done so you can get all the fuel). We looked at getting a DR with a long range tank, but heard firsthand about front end handling issues.

    The KLR engine has been around for a long time, so generally pretty bulletproof.

    There are lots of mods can be done :cool: :LOL:

    Whilst listed as being less dirt oriented than the DR, we have had no issues taking ours places the probably wouldn't have thought they'd go :twisted:

    A DR rider might be able to give you some more info....
  9. Lil,

    Thanks for the info and its great to have confirmed what I have read. The magazine trailzone changed a few cosmetic things. But the things that made the greatest changes was a mod to the airbox to allow the engine to breathe better, replacing the footpegs with metal ones and changing the stock tyres.

    I have read alot of postive things about them. I like the DR too but the KLR just appeals to me. Price wise they are very competative but I think I will go with a 2nd hand KLR next year.

    400 Ks per tank that is fantastic, was that a combination of road and trail ?

    Other adventure bikes like KTM and BMW are great bikes but are alot more expensive and also much more weighty.

    So I feel that the KLR will suit me perfectly. I will still keep my little XT for pure trail riding and use the KLR in the role of adventure bike.

    The kids are sick this weekend so our bike riding trip has been postponed til next weekend.

    :) I will most likely squeeze in a ride on my road bike to the shops and back to make up for it.

    Hopefully next year might be able to get out and about with some other riders too.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome.
  10. I always get between 380 and 400kms before reserve, no matter the riding I do. I haven't done the airbox mod on mine...it's stock except for one tooth down on the front sprocket and tyres. Very happy with it! Have a look at KLR650.net for more info as well...
  11. That is great,, I think that this will be the bike I buy next year :),,, Great Forum (KLR650.net ) too lots of interesting ideas,,, Thanks Lil for the info and the link.

  12. Here to help :wink:
  13. Bikes

    Just as a note, some guys have spent 1.5k on suspension getting it set up correctly. It depends on the individual though.
    Wonder if the new Tenere is coming?

    **stands back**
  14. I am not that serious a rider to spend that much on suspension,,,, My style of riding is pretty well much putt putt putt and enjoy the scenery.

    Still got to wait till next year to buy another bike (s)

    Thanks for the all the advice