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Hi to everyone!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Roost, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Just joined up and thought I'd say hello.
    Was going to post some pics to spice it up a bit, but was bumped.
    Oh well, to bad so sad.

    Happy to chat about almost anything!

  2. Welcome dude.

    Y not fill out your profile and let us know where you are and what you ride?????
  3. Welcome, let us know a bit more about you and your ride.
  4. Hi mate. Have another go at photos after you have a few posts, there's some setting in the forums to prevent spammers.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Sorry guys...
    I thought all the info was in there but I must not have hit submit. It's in there now. I'm still not sure how you get it to display next to your avatar though.
  6. Welcome, Jake :).

    Every second rider in Melbourne must be a Netrider by now :shock:.
  7. I'm Publicist/Bike Journo from Melbourne

    05 R1 (trackie)
    05 WR450 turbo Motard (project)
    320 Gasgas trials bike
    125 Moto Terra (mini moto)
    R34 GTR Skyline (not a bike but fastest tool in the shed so worth a mention I guess)

    I love to get up the hills or on the track any chance I get. I don't have a running registered bike at the moment but I'm thinking about getting on a new R1 after winter.

  8. Welcome Roost :grin:
  9. welcome jake, nice collection of toys you have.
    enjoy the forums :)
  10. Thanks guys, appreciate the welcome.
  11. Welcome Mate.

    The motard sounds "interesting".
  12. For sure hornet, so far just about everyone i talk to mentions this site.
  13. Hi Bepi,

    Sorry mate, i'm not quite sure what you mean?
  14. Just about every rider that I have spoke to mentions Netrider and says to check it out.

    Like Hornet said just about every second rider in Melb must be on here.
  15. Ooooookay
    Sorry bepi, I didn't realize who you were answering. Maybe try hitting the "Quote" button next time, like I've just done.
    Makes it easier for dummys like me.

  16. No prob, only just getting the hang of this, should be a pro in no time
  17. Welcome aboard JAKE :LOL:

  18. LOL...

    Thanks bud.