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Hi to everybody from above part of the world!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Serge, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys&Girls from the land of snows, white bears and vodka which are nearly strictly above you on the globe - and that is Russia!
    My actual name is Sergey and I known in the Russian bike world (also in UK) as Serge.

    Thats a pleasure to introduce myself here on netrider and say hello (as I wrote before) to all down under riders and this far land of kangaroo, koala and other creatures with attached bags!:beer::beer::beer:
    Ausitralia is truthly saying really one of my favourite countries in the world inspite of the fact that I still haven't been here - but it's my oldest dream directly from my childhood and I hope that I surely will implement it.

    Some words about me: I'm nearly 52 and my riding experience starts in very far 1965 when I first time ride my father bike. That was as I remember captured German BMW. Then follows the bikes may be fully unknown in Aussi: Minsk, Voshod, IZH, Jawa, Ural etc. But the last 10 years after a short break in my riding I owe only japan bikes - today I am a proud owner of Suzuki GSX 1400 K6 and at the same moment The prsident of Russian GSX1400 owners club + the council member of one the most popular and the largest Russian internet club www.gsxrclub.ru which unite nearly all Russsian speaking owners of different Suzuki bikes from all over the world (not only GSXR) owners.
    So again Hello to everybody here and this moment from the side of all my Russian mates and Russian Suzuki owners!
  2. Hi Serge and welcome to the NR Forums
  3. Welcome to netrider and follow your dreams and come to Oz!
  4. Welcome to NR, Serge! Never been there but one day I plan to visit St Petersburg and maybe do the Trans Siberian Railway tour. One day! :) (Hopefully)

    And I've heard of Jawa motorbikes. My dad had one of those and he has some great memories of that bike.
  5. Thanks for greeting, mates!

    Att. Lazy Libran!
    Thats really a great idea to visit Russia cause we have a lot of to see not only in St Petersburg but all over the country. And believe me that the best way to do it not by train but on the motorbike.
    If I one day (sure in it) will drop in Australia I would explore your land of OZ only on two wheels.
  6. Hey Serge, I know that Russia is a big country and there is lots to see and I wish I had the time (& Money obviously) to ride around Russia but have to start somewhere.

    Australia is as big as Russia and it would be awesome to tour it on bike albeit it might take a few months.... :D
  7. Hello Serge - nice to have you along for the ride.

    The Jawa and the Ural I recognise - the others are a bit of a mystery to me.

    I'd love to explore Russia by bike. Hell - I'd love to explore the world by bike. In fact, I'd love to have enough money to explore the world by bike, that would be the best.

    My sister's married to a bloke called Serge. He's from Russia originally, I understand, but he lives in Silicon Valley now.

    You're very very welcome to come over and have a look around OZ on a bike - we'd love to have you here.
  8. Welcome to Netrider, Serge.
    Enjoy your stay here in the forum and even more so any opportunity to visit us all here in Australia.
  9. Privet paren! Glad to have you on NR!

    I must admit, I'm looking forward to my trip to Russia (when it eventuates) however I'm not looking forward to the cold! Do you have any photos of your bike in 'classic Russian scenery'?
  10. Welcome to NR. It will be great to get a perspective of someone outside our system in our discussions. I'd love to hear the differences in the discussions of laws and styles.
  11. In Russia, there is no law, only influence...

    Welcome Serge
  12. Welcome Serge - looks like you already have some riding buddies here, so no excuses for staying away now!
    Hell, you can even stay at my house, for the token sum of a small amount of nuclear material.
  13. so no-one on Netrider is now to complain about riding in the cold, OK? :LOL:

    Welcome Serge, we'd love to show you the various wonders of Australia, especially the koalas and kangaroos, and stuff, but it would either be in a zoo, or a long way from the city :)
  14. :D Remember - sharing is caring! I know you are planning to build a nuclear powered bike but I also need some for my Flux Capacitor.
  15. Bike?
    Oh yeah, a nuclear-powered "bike"...
    Yeah, that's right ;)
  16. Not sure about that, hornet. I saw a kangaroo on my putty ride last weekend. Alive too. Also have seen echidnas and lyre birds along the old pac and that iscertainly not far from the city.

    Welcome to the forum Serge. That is my father's name too. His parents were also Musovites, so I guess we're practically related. I'll put my name down for a Russian trip if anyone here is interested.