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Hi to all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by GT550-G4, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone ,

    My name is Damien , 29 ,wife ,2 kids (Daughter of 3 ,son of 7 months)
    and live in the Lake Macquarie area and love horror movies .

    my bike of choice ( read cheap ) is a Kawasaki GT550 .
    bought it for $200 of a fella at work that was not interested in
    doing some repair work , so bought a Kawa ZRX 1200 ( i think )
    and sold me the GT550 , has rego till FEB 09 but needs work .

    have just aquired my L's after restoring/modify older cars and 4x4's
    had 2 other bikes , Suzuki GSX400 ( around early 80's)
    and a older ( 70's) Yamaha dirt bike semi-restored

    sorting out dramas slowly with bike .
    no rear brake spring to activate the switch
    front wheel bearings flogged out
    holes all through exhaust , no baffle one side holes in other side
    some rusty specks coming from tank , possible seam leak
    wont idle to save itself or me for that matter ,( 3 out of 4 diaphragms split)

    sorry for big 1st post but hey better then not posting right .

    will post pic of bike when it allows me ( 5 posts )

    cheers Damo
  2. Welcome Aboard Damo !
  3. G'day Damien, nice first post. Good luck with the restoration and welcome to NR!
  4. thanks ,
    found some stuff for the bike
    4 into 1 and, diaphragms for carby's .
    i bought the exhuast , just need to save for the diaphragms now ,

    cheers Damo
  5. Welcome, Damien, always nice to get a new Netrider from my old stamping ground (did high school at Booragul and college at Tahlee).

    The old 550 had a great motor, get the oil out, and flush it before you get too adventurous with it.