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Hi to all!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by OzStriker, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to introduce myself to all of Netrider!

    I took up motorcycles in September as a bit of a distraction, after my partner died in July :(

    I have really enjoyed my 3,000kms on my bike so far, just did my license test a few days ago and cant wait to get my bigger bike next year!

    I am finding riding very addictive and will be doing a Superbike School day hopefully in March and spend most of my riding kilometers in the roads around Warrandyte with the odd trip to other twisties.

    I think the best part of motorcycling is the comradery and the fact that there are so many different styles of bike to choose from!

  2. Right on all points, and a big welcome to Netrider.

    Your area of Melbourne is a hotbed of Netrider activity; check out the Coffee Night and Social threads, rock along and make yourself known to the bods.....
  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of NetRider.

    Lots of stuff going on.
    Lots of opinions given
    Lots of questions asked
    Lots of answers given
    Lots of coffee and other beverages drunk
    Lots of talking about riding
    Lots of riding done.....and then talked about

    most importantly, lots of good company and advice.

    Enjoy the ride!


    PS Bloody hell, I sound like a radio advert!! I really must cut down on the coffee! :tantrum:
  4. hello and nice to meet you