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Hi to all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by camshaft, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Just want introduce myself, my name is Cam . I am from Sydney innerwest area, got me L in March and did the course at rosehill. Never ride the bike before scary at first but got the hang of it, still shit thought. After looking for and deciding which bikes to purchase, finally decided to take delivery of the new Honda 2011 CBR250. I was told this bike was made for new rider and should be easy to ride. Dropped the bike on the first day after riding around the block, so piss off since it brand new. Anyway been riding and practicing for two weeks now and would love to meet other L riders for more practice sessions . Also would love to attend the Homebush session.](*,)](*,)

  2. Hi Cam, nice to meet you. I also have a friend named Cam who owns a CBR, but his is a 125.

    Look forward to meeting you at the Homebush session!
  3. Hi Cam, welcome aboard! I'm a pretty new rider too and this site has just been an absolute goldmine of good info, hope u can find answers to whatever problems u may have. And dw, i dropped my bike on my 2nd ride - did ur ego and confidence hurt too? haha

    Enjoy ur riding and stay safe!

  4. Hi Cam, welcome to NR. I'm another newbie. Weill all keep practising and enjoy. See u in Homebush sometime. Richard.
  5. Hi Cam, welcome to NR. Have fun and stay safe mate.
  6. Welcome to Netrider :)

    Since there are two cams, that would make this a twin-cam forum <groan>.
  7. And since they are north of me, from my perspective, they are overhead cams.
  8. welcome mate
  9. welcome mate. Congrats on the L's and the bike. Hope you have many enjoyable days and nights on your baby.
  10. Welcome Cam.

    I also live in the inner west. I am still fairly new to riding, but have passed the first steep part of the learning curve. If you want someone to help you with some basic riding in the local areas let me know. I can also ride out to Homebush with you when you are ready.
    Let us know mate.
  11. Thank for the reply guy, never knew so many new riders in the same boat as i am. I guess i have to practice and practice untill i am confident enough. I am pretty shit with the throttle , i am over the place . Must be a hand artist to use the throttle to be gentle as not to rev the shit out of it. But i LOVE riding...Keep on riding guy , i might see you guy on the road.:busting:
    By the way how do you go about pasting the picture under your login name...???
  12. everyone starts out feeling completely sh1t with the throttle. I for one am VERY glad that I'm restricted to LAMS for the first year, as making a mistake with the throttle on a LAMS bike is far less dangerous that on a 1ltr bike. Been riding a while now, and don't have many issues with that anymore, but I'm sure it would've been very bad if I had a more powerful bike at the beginning.

    let me guess, you also have trouble with right hand turns, especially when you are stopped and have to take off and turn right at the same time??

    As for the avatars, you need to go to the menu item 'User CP' (Control Panel) and you can edit your settings in there, including adding an avatar etc...
  13. Hey mate, welcome!

    I've just got my bike for a few weeks too and have had my fair share of embarrassing moments in public. I also got the honda cbr250 :D

    Be cool to get together, I'm around the inner city area.
  14. You absolutely right ,everytime i am doing right hand turn. The throttle are over the place and the turn are not as smooth as left hand turn, i wonder why??? Yes i am happy with LAMS bike, it a great bike to learn, very easy to ride and not heavy plus it very fuel efficient , great for my back pocket.

    Drop me bike again this morning (2nd drop) this time on opposite side . I was trying to do a reverse ,somehow i lost balance cause i a short guy . My toes just touch the ground on the bike, then i just lost it. Dam it, not good when you're short .Need practice in this area.......very embarrassing though ..but nobody saw me it was still dark...hahhahhaaa
  15. Simple answer... when you are turning right, your throttle hand is cramped against you, and, your grip is different because of the angle as well. The thing that helped me at first, when I was turning right from a standing start (so, slow speed) lean away from the bike a little bit. This give your right hand more room. That worked for me anyway. There are hundreds of people on here better qualified than I to give advice tho, so, ask around. Don't forget to do a search too. Most questions you'll have will have been asked/answered already.

    cheers mate, have a blast, but stay safe.
  16. Yeah it will be great to get together and learn the rope or should you call it the art of riding. We can share a few embarrassing moments which i did many time at the light where i stall the bike because i not use to the feel of the clutch.....hahahaaa