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hi to all the fellow riders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by XLAR8, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. well iam about to get back into riding after 10 years or so. ive been reading the forum for some great tips and figured i join up.

    i think the best way to say hi is to show you want i got :p

    (sorry bout the img quality dam iPhone cant take a pic lol)
    and a new pair of sidi boots.

    well atm iam not riding far from home yet (still building up the skills needed for open road riding, but iam getting there) not to mention I'm still on my RE's, only held them 14 years lol. but iam doing q-ride next weekend so that should fix that. well may see some of the brissie riders at Gatton at the end of the month if i get my nerv up that is.

    Cheers XL

  2. Welcome mate bike looks to be in good nick
  3. welcome (back)

    my brother picked up a going GPX-750 a couple of years back for $250; he's slowly getting it back to rideable condition

    your's looks A-OK
  4. yeah it seems like it was well loved :)

    i do need a new exhaust header as you can see in the pic its all rusted and has 2 leaks, but for just over $3000 registered with a helmet i cant complain lol.

    that isnt the original header pipe i think he had duals on her, either way its dodge and its scrubs the black stuff
  5. Welcome XLAR8, v nice forum name BTW. I'm guessing you're in Qld?
  6. Welcome buddy and great looking bike (y)
  7. cheers

    yes iam in Queensland and the nick ive always had