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hi to all netriders - doug

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by doug mech eng, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. hi my name is doug. i'm 19. i've loved motorbikes since i first saw one as a child. my first word was infact "mo bike". I'm from the country, Kyabram (in the Goulburn Valley), but this year i started my uni course at swinburne in Hawthorn which is mechanical engineering. i love the course and can't wait to finish it and get out there in the workforce. I've had a car for the last year (for the convenience), and am now trying to get myself into a position where i can buy my first motorbike. i'm going to book my L's for January in the next week or so. I've been trying to find out all the information i need to know to get started - from TAC statistics to prices of gear at Peter Stevens in Elizabeth street. i joined the forum to hopefully learn a lot and make good friends that can keep me alive on the roads. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    cheers, Doug.

  2. Welcome,

    Just ask & you shall receive. Now depends if its good advice or not, really depends on there mood. Like today, going by some of the posts the boys have made, ya just dont bother :LOL:
  3. Doug, welcome to Netrider and your quest for two-wheeled nirvana. Most of the advice offered here is in good spirit and good faith, and the stuff that isn't, well, it's usually so off-the-wall you'll be able to tell anyway...
  4. Welcome Doug ... good luck on Ls .. Ive got my Mech eng diploma a few years a go great field of work .. im doing my advance diploma next year .. i hope you find what you need here.. ive have :cool:
  5. Welcome Doug. Hope you enjoy, good luck on the test.
  6. Hi Doug, Welcome to our bunch. Great people here - certainly been fun to get to know and get some useful tips. All the best for your Ls!
  7. Welcome to Netrider Doug :grin:
  8. Hi Doug, I share an office with a bloke from Ky - he's always going on about it!

    Welcome to the forums, and enjoy your stay.
  9. Hey Doug and welcome! :biker:
  10. Welcome to the community Doug :grin:
  11. Welcome mate. :)
  12. Hi Doug, welcome to Netrider. It's a great community and as a beginner it's an awesome source of information. Good luck with your Ls (and your mech eng course!) :grin:
  13. thanks guys and gals. sorry for the late reply. i got cought up in another thread. awesome site! i think it will help me greatly.

    i can't wait to get a bike so i can meet and ride with some of you lovely people.

    oh... and i got my L's the other day. i'm now buying gear. i've got an AGV airtech helmet and some alpinestar pants.
  14. Welcome n congrats on the L's statis!
    If your a Netrider (paid up) member, flash your card around & you'll get a better deal on some of those pricey items. Also something I wish I hadda done is drag someone along when I was buying my first bike, who knew more abt bikes than I did at the time (not much). What the hell wld a learner be "testing" for anyway?? Or looking for, for that fact other than the superficial stuff, looks nice, sounds ok, this pedel makes it stop, this doova make it go...
    There's my two cents (sorry no change given) :grin: