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Hi to all like minded 2 wheeled enthusiasts

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by DUCSF-848, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Hi, I've been riding now for 3 years and enjoy every minute of it. I now wonder what my life would have been like without motorcycling (...hmm...my bank balance would be healthier). I took it up because my partner rides, and we now have the best fun planning road trip holidays away. My bike of choice is the Ducati SF848. The sheer exhilaration i get on that bike is incredible. The other great joy I have found of riding motorcycles is meeting new people. I have discovered that the motorcycling community, on the whole are ok people and always go out of their way to help out a fellow motorcyclist.

    Hence, joining netriders will be a good way to connect with other 2 wheeled enthusiasts.

    Thanks for having me
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  2. welcome aboard :)
  3. Welcome mate, post some pics when your post count is up a little bit more, 848's always look good!
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  4. Welcome :cool:
  5. Welcome.....hope you have as much fun here as we do
  6. Welcome. Nice bike.
  7. Howdy and welcome to NR. :happy:
  8. Welcome to the forum.

    Nice bike. For me it was a toss up between the SF848 and the MV Agusta 800rr i eventually got. Love that Ducati sound!
  9. Welcome to Netrider, there are lots of Ducati owners here....
  10. welcome
  11. Welcome to NR...

    Nice bike and love how they sound...

    Come around to Elwood for the Saturday practice sessions one of these days...a good place for a meet and greet.

    At times the Epic ride starts from there as well..
  12. Hello and welcome, good sounding bikes those Ducatis.
  13. Welcome. I was going to comment on wtf does ducfs848 mean. Lucky I read the comments first :D Hey it could have been a plane call sign or something...
  14. Welcome :)
  15. Welcome to the asylum mate
  16. Aloha DUCSF-848DUCSF-848
    correct there - amazing hobby but not that nice on your pocket. Well worth it though! Especially when you live in a place where there's so many great riding places! :)
  17. gday DUCSF-848DUCSF-848 and welcome to NR - nice looking ride the 848, very nice!
  18. Hmmm, these guys are actually a pretty iffy lot. Always going on about cake and posting revolting pictures. ;) Welcome, enjoy it here, it rocks. :)