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Hi to all, I'm a new member...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 21aims, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Hello to you all...

    I have found this site while looking for bikes on the net, and i have had a quick read through some of the topics on here and it has some helpful information. So i have decided to join you all.
    I am doing the learners training course in two weeks, so i have started to look at some bikes on the internet. So far i like the look of the kawaskai zzr 250 (light blue/silver colour). Has anyone got one and how are they to ride?
    I have come accross sumoto, ultimate motorcycles, and recycled motorcycles etc on the net, and i have read here to stay clear of these. I have also have come accross spot on motorcycles and a1 road and race are these any good? I am from the Newcastle area and so far have not had any luck finding one thats a reasonable price around this area, has anyone got any ideas? Has anyone had the experience on buying from another state without going there to look over the bike and getting transported? I would like to get a 2000 model, would anyone know how much these are worth because i have seen these on the net ranging for $4,000 up to $6,500 for a 2000 model.I am going hunting with my dad on the weekend to have a look at afew different models. So i will probably change my mind a few times on what model of bike to get. I am giving you all 20 questions.... sorry!

  2. Welcome to the madness, 21, I'm sure you'll find it educative, and somewhat weird, here, and often at the same time.
    At the risk of enraging your local bike shops, you'll get the best and most price-competitive choice of bikes here in Sydney; (4 million population vs 280,000).
    Having said that, I would go and visit the major dealers in your area, look at the range of new and used bikes they sell, and the range of accessories as well. I would ask to see their workshop and chat briefly to their service manager; if the service is slack, it doesn't matter how cheap the bike is, you'll end up unhappy.
    I'm sure you'll be deluged with good advice, as happens to every newcomer who asks the same sorts of questions, so I'll leave my contribution at that. Welcome.
  3. Hi 21aims and welcome . 1st - safety gear , then 2nd - bike with whats left over . Enjoy your stay.
  4. Thank you for the warm welcoming hornet600 i will take your advice and look around my local area first to get an idea....thanks :)
  5. Welcome to the site.

    There's a few decent dealers all lumped together on the Lambton Road area, and it would be worth cruising through a few of these so that you can get a good idea of prices and suitable bikes. You're going to save yourself a fair wedge by buying secondhand/privately, so unless you really, really want a new one this might be the way to go. There's usually a few bikes in the Trading Post or the local papers, so it's a case of keeping your eyes open for the right thing. There's a nice Kawasaki 250 for sale up Singleton way - I'm up there a fair bit, so I'll check it out for you if you'd like.

    I'm in your area, so if there's anything that I might be able to help you with, pm me with your details.
  6. hey mate welcome to the forums

    good luck with your bike hunting!
  7. Hi midnight,

    Definatley safety first. Im going to look at some gear on the weekend and start purchasing gear here and there so i don't have to fork out the lot in one hit, then i'll be all ready when i get my bike. Thanks midnight for the advice :)
  8. Oi!

    Oi! Midnite bloke!
    Dave, in regards to your insurances,Ulysses have adeal with RACV their phone number is 13 1955 @ Noble Park, here in Melbourne.
    They will then transfer you to the underwiters in Sydney, they are actually the NRMA Classic Vintage and Veteran division of the group and that is whom you need to be dealing with. :)

    N o
    R eal
    M echanics
    A vailable!

    But their insurance ladies are the the best, and will down in Tassie at the AGM next year in March! 8)
  9. G'day 21. :)

    If you can afford it, after you get your bike head out to a riding school and invest in some knowledge and skills. You'll find it worth every cent. Put the hard word on Mum and Dad if you cant ;).

    But the best gear you can and look after it properly. For leathers that means at least a bi-annual treatment with some good leather conditioner/protector, for synthetics - hell I don't know, never done any, just wait for it to rain to clean the bugs off I guess. :)
  10. Hi cosi thanks for the welcoming... :) Also hello to spiky great to here from someone in my area. I am heading into town on the weekend with my dad to check out the different models and prices just to get an idea. i am after a secondhand around the 2000 year model, i really only want to spend $4,000 - $5,000. I have been searching on the net on bikepoint, bikesale and the trading post i would like to get one private sale cause it would be alot cheaper. But i haven't notice any thats reasonably priced and light blue/silver in colour i am pretty fussy on colours which will make it quite hard.
    Thanks spiky on offering me with some help i will definatley keep in mind. and i will keep an eye out to see if that zzr at singleton is in the paper. :)
  11. Thanks 21aims . Every now and then advice comes out of my mouth but not often :shock: :wink: . And thanks John (t2) will get straight on to it and stop posting that im old :LOL: :LOL: .
  12. Hello to T2 and deyago thanks for the welcome :)
  13. Welcome 21aims to information overload headquarters, hope you enjoy it here.
  14. Hi 21aims, & welcome! Good luck tracking down a bike!
  15. Hi Gromit and vtrsteve thanks for the welcome... :)
  16. Welcome & here have some karma
  17. welcome 21 :) zzr250 is a nice bike wish i had one. have money for the gear, but you might as well wait until you have the bike so you can buy gear that compliments its colour.. unless you just buy all black gear, or don't give a s**t about colour coordinating :D
  18. Gday new player welcome

    Cheers 8)
  19. hey matee, i'm from belmont! going for my learners mid july and will be looking for a bike shortly as well. zzr is a great choice but from the many things i've read about v-twins i'm gonna try get the vtr250. have a think about it cause from what i've heard fairings are pretty $ to repair/replace. plus i think vtr250 is a more upright seating position so maybe little easier to ride and less tempting to speed.......i only got 4 points left! haha

    hope to see you out on the roads next few months maybe!
  20. welcome and have a read coz you will learn some good stuff on here..