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Hi !!! to all from North Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by M:O:B, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. I'll start of by saying that i have been browsing your site for about 2 weeks and have now joined.( Impressed )
    A little bit about myself : My name is Benetos Nikolaou. (Benny) M:-O:B = Madly obsessed Biker
    I currently own Honda Dominator 650, Yamaha 1200 VMAX, Triumph Rocket 3.

    looking forward to chatting on the forum and hopefully joining in on rides


  2. Welcome mate....this site as been EXTREMELY educational so far for me...may not be as necessary for yourself, already being a M.O.B!
  3. That's some sort of garage, there Benny (y)

    Welcome to Netrider; it's a great place, even when the occasional person gets his knickers in a twist about something :LOL:
  4. Thanx for the acknowledgment Guys:beer:
  5. welcome in mate :) what country does your name come from?
  6. Greek..............
  7. ahhhh ok, theres a few Greeks on these boards, most of them are arseholes lololol only joking smee/vic, heck even the owner is greek, we are doomed
  8. Ella Goz,

    What part of Sydney are you From ????
  9. parra mate :)