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hi to all from mrdelini

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MrDelini, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all, i am a new member, and a crazy, totally off my nut, motorbike freak. I currently have lost my motorbike licence, and so i have sold my zx9r 2001, but am the proud owner of a gsxr 600 k5 that i will enjoy strictly for track use. My other motorbikes include a zzr 600 '94, and a piagio vespa et4'02. I am a professional industrial designer and specialise in making custom motorcycle accessories (such as tank covers and bags), racing suits, custom made jackets and seat repairs whilst making the occasional custom car interior. My only previous experience with netrider is through some photos that another netrider and customer of mine posted around a year ago now. i enjoy talking bikes and work as i love what i do so if anybody wants to chat, cheers...

  2. G'day mate... Just so everyone knows, I can vouch for this bloke... He is one Crazy SOB... Not crazy in an irresponsible way, this blokes a surgeon on the road. The safety gear and accesories are A1, top stuff, and theres nothing that this guy cant do... Seat torn? Faring cracked? Need some paint? He'll look after you....
  3. Welcome MrDelini! Crazy, did you say?? Well, you'll fit right in round here :LOL:.
  4. Yiioooorrrrrggggiiiii!!! You made it bro.

    I can vouch for his craziness... I posted about it once... I followed him at break neck speeds through the back streets to his house once... after a chance meeting... lovable oaf!!

    He does top quality stuff!

    So bro, you were thinking about a shop ... any moves on that front??

    Bugger to hear the 9R's sold. My gold 9R is being tracked... got a blue one now... had to stay with the power!


  5. welcomes....
  6. Sounds like my kinda guy. :LOL:

    Welcome dude.

  7. Welcome
  8. welcome mr delini,
    good to hear ya back in melb.

    still waiting for my lost key to be sent from the states, hopefully soon, before my week off finishes.

    anyway welcome to the sight, we should catch up soon,