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Hi there

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by little_miss_cowgirl, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Have just found this site and joined this week but didnt have much luck with my first message - hope this works. I have had my L's for a few months but have only been riding for the past 6 weeks or so. I own a 85 kawasaki LTD, and usually am out on it every day. I'm 47 and live in Healesville - truly blessed! I'm a partner in a chai business that creates decorative chill spaces and sells chai (indian spiced tea) at alternative music festivals and gigs with a bit of an art focus.
    Have spent a reasonable amount of time on the back of bikes without any desire to ride myself until my last stint in Indian - 3 death defying months on the back of an Enfield somehow ignited the urge. Still cant quite work that out as had a few near misses that were pretty high on the "oh my god" factor.
    Am still a bit in the noconfidence zone but have made a connection for mentoring and already feel relieved about that. What a service.
    Am going for my P's in couple of weeks so hope that goes well - havent practised any counter steering yet so the learning curve goes on and on.

  2. welcome twid mcgrath
    recon youll enjoy it here they seem like a good bunch (of what i havent figured) :grin: :grin: :grin:
    good luck on your ps
  3. Welcome aboard .. :grin:

    Dont forget to fill in your profile with your location details.. :cool:
  4. welcome.....

    and what he said /\/\/\
  5. Welcome mate. You'll need some chai after being here a whild but you'll keep coming back for more.

    You're far enough from Melb to be claimed as a Gippslander too :LOL:
  6. Hi and welcome twid mcgrath.
    You live in a nice area for a bike owner.

  7. Hi Twid,

    It was nice to chat with you on the phone and i'm pleased you've found some assistance here. Let me know if I can be of any further help to you.

    Yes you are so game to ride in India. I spent time there last year and spent the first couple of days shrieking in terror until I realised I was going to either live or die and then it's funny how you can relax when it's out of your hands. What a crazy country but i'd go back in a heartbeat.

    Back to riding! Good luck. And always remember to have fun! Hope to see you on the road sometime.

  8. Hello, and another welcome :)

    on the topic of tea: i had my first chai back at confest when i was a young teenager eating mysterious cookies that made us giggle a lot. ... chai is very good indeed! i still drink it now :) but dont have the cookies anymore :p

    dont stress about the Ps test, i think if you go in, relaxed, with enough sleep and just breathe and listen you will be fine. i passed my Ps having never ridden since my Ls test! The people in my group who failed were the more confident, better riders, who did silly things like forget to indicate, or sped through the corner and went wide. me, who initially kept stalling, somehow managed to pass! just hit up the carpark and have a play :)
  9. hey!!!

    welcome to the site.

    i lived in india for about 17 years before i moved here for uni. Started riding when i was 13 so i got trained in the traffic(read demolition derby) of bombay. its quite good fun to drive in to be honest. just get your hands on a car, put one hand on the horn , and replay any car chase scene you want . if if you have a bike .. follow step one with the horn and you are in lanesplitting heaven. become a pro lane-splitter in no time. :grin:

    the little 125 cc bikes are perfect for it as well. still have fond memories of riding on the tank pretending i was riding it while my dad zoomed through traffic. think i was abt 6-7 then . and yes ive done the 4 people on a bike thing as well :)
    went over end of last year for a road trip . thats under another topic with pictures. heres the link if you wanna check it out


    btw if you need any help with hindi . just yell out.

    chaiwallah-ess = chai walli
  10. Thanx for tuning in - nice to catch up with you on sunday jen and again thanx for all the info/advice you"ve given - i had a great day!! and yes having a mentor did make lots of difference..To Danielle know confest well we do the chai tent there now but no cookies!! Hear what you are saying about being relaxed for P's am going to HART where i got my L's and felt relaxed by the time we were tested. Always comforting to hear about how others found it.
    And to CSgup1 ah india - you know as crazy as it gets there on the road the constant use of horns makes it a little more sane. At least you know when someone behind you is going to do something and the horns are quite melodic dont seem to have the harshness that they do here. May take you up on some hindi translation (heading back next year) although i found travelling there that most indians speak english fluently and when they speak hindi you probably dont want to know what they are saying!!I have travelled lots and India would have to be my favourite country - to travel in that is! Can imagine it might be a different to live there.
    cheers twid