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Hi There

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pickle, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Well hi there all, it has taken me a little while to join up after hearing about this site but i have finally made it!! so here goes. I have had a few looks at the site and it seems really cool and informative, so over a period of time i look forward to gettin to know some more fellow bikers. I currently own and ride a Kwaka ZZR 600 and often have have my wife on the back, we are from Gippsland Vic so get to see a lot of nice country side. I work for a private ambulance company and it was a patient i had on board that told me about this link ( so thanx ). Anyway i hope you all have a happy and safe Easter and smooth ridin. Cheers Pickle.

  2. welcome pickle, you are in a gorgeous part of mexico, and in a prime position to join in on NR rides/events.

    enjoy the forums, and stay safe :grin:

    joel :cool:
  3. Welcome pickle, (and Mrs pickle too, I guess :LOL:). Check out the Netrider events in your area in the VIC Events section.
  4. Battered, bruised and broken yet they still find time to promote Netrider, i'm impressed.
  5. welcome pickles.....
  6. Good on ya mate, welcome... Hopefully I'll never meet you in youre profession, but maybe when youre off duty.
  7. Hey Folks thanks for the welcome, i have been away for a couple of days over easter so just got all your comments. Cheers and thanx. Pickle
  8. Give that patient a prize!! I mean - well give 'em something more than a pickle :roll: more NR cards?

    and Welcome Pickle hope to see you at coffee or ride soon.
  9. Hi and welcome.
    Gippsland covers a big area!

    Have a think about updating your profile one day :grin:
  10. Hi and Welcom Pickle.... :newb:
  11. Your right 2wheelsagain, gippy does cover a huge area and i am situated @ warragul. but my work takes me all over gippy and melb.
  12. Welcome to you both. There's quite a few of us out your way (my way? this way?) Keep an eye on the event calendar for our ever exciting events. :grin:
  13. You meet one of us in a private Ambo, and then you want to meet the rest of us?
    Is business dropping off or something? :p :LOL:
    ...welcome to the nuthouse.

  14. Hi and welcome pickle :grin:
  15. Welcome to you both.