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Hi There

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Anubis, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Just three months into L's and have moved from an elderly CBX250 to a GS500F. I am finding the heavier bike a little difficult to get accustomed to at slow speeds

  2. That's all part of the acclimatisation process, I reckon. Keep at it, and welcome.

    As for your username I couldn't help but think of the episode of Duckula called "No sax please, we're Egyptian"

    Look it up :LOL:
  3. Thanks guys.

    I like my mythology (you will see if I can work out how to post pics) and Anubis
  4. think the pics they ask for may be of you ;)
  5. Bwah hah... Clearly haven't looked at my profile :) Old chook. Was even nicknamed Aunty Mel in the army, years ago.

    Here was I thinking it was my little 500 people were interested in
  6. Welcome!

    And they aren't always pretty, but engine guards and crash bars do help provide a (false) sense of security for practising slow riding (my experience).
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    Thank you :)
    You are all so lovely


    It really does but the lovely artist it came from customised it is such a way it would require surgery ... There is extra fairing. it even has tiny horns on the widescreen as well.

    I laid it down in an embarrassing learner move at a T intersection a couple of weeks ago and am dreading putting the big girl panties on and asking him to fix the tiny crack in the fairing where the left indicator was pushed back through it's seating ...rode from Nowra to Wollongong with a broken clutch lever.

    He did all that art freehand. Not sure which of us will cry more..

    Need to do lots of slow work to get used to it. Size wise it is lovely and it it magic on the highway.
  8. Welcome, lots of practice and you'll soon get the hang of things(y)
  9. That's it isn't it? Saddle time.
    I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to get my P's and stressing myself out.

    I was able to upload pics easily in the Ladies section but not here.

    I can be a bit of a halfwit with things like that
  10. There's a few Netriders down your way, plus a few of us do the national park run regularly. Plenty of opportunities to ride and learn with us.
  11. Sounds lovely!

    I rode from Wollongong through the Park to Audley Weir on the elderly CBX on my third ride.

    It was was a learning curve. Experienced insane ute drivers and bigger bikes whipping past. Also very near bird strike...a bloody big Gang Gang dropped out of a tree and had to backwing furiously to avoid hitting my head. Not sure which of us was more horrified.

    My OH thought it very funny.

    Have ridden to Berry for breakfast and up Macquarie Pass and through Kangaroo valley. I realise I love getting out about
  12. Welcome to NR! Some great riding in your area and down the south coast in particular , very pretty countryside . One of my favourite areas . ( Also close to the Snowies ! :D)
  13. Ha. Found the Garage and posted a couple of pics.
    It is good riding here...bikes and horses