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Hi there

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RS_Menace, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. hi everyone, my names mitch

    i have just bought a Yamaha FZR 250 to learn on, completed my rider training on the weekend and passed the rta test yesterday. im from the hornsby area so if anyone see's me out give me a wave :)

    here's a pic of my bike


    looking forward to going on a few rides and meeting some new people,

  2. Welcome Mitch, Some of the Sydneysiders will be along soon to point you at various rides. When you are confident get along to the Homebush Learner sessions on Saturday. A good place to talk bikes, ride bikes, look at bikes ... well you get the idea. ;)
  3. Welcome from another newbie, Mitch!

    Once I get my stuff in order (purchasing my bike and getting my licence), we should ride - i'm mid North Shore.

    On that note - do you know whether the HART course can be done over a weekend?


  4. cheers mate, will definately come along to some of those saturday sessions, sounds like a great way to hone my skills :)

  5. yeh we should, i have a few mates that ride around the area, your more than welcome to come along with us once you get your licence.

    Not sure about the HART course, but i ended up doing mine at Woody's at tuggerah which ran over the weekend, you'd have more chance getting booked in there than anywhere else around sydney, i booked my training 2 days before the weekend, if you jump onto myrta, and go to book rider training, select the area you wish to do the training and all the available dates will come up, im pretty sure most places do weekend training, but you may have to wait a while till a spot comes up

  6. Welcome Mitch!

    I swear I've seen that bike before.... looks exactly like the one my mate had in the garage over the weekend ;)
  7. Welcome, Mitch. Make the Homebush session a top priority; OzYoda and the boys are doing terrific stuff out there.
  8. welcome to NR Mitch! (y) we'll be putting faces to names when we meet up in the winter Ls ride to Patonga this Sat ;)
  9. thanks :) yeh cant wait for saturday, hopefully the weather holds out

  10. haha thanks, is that you Bek?
  11. Yep, we had a squizz at your bike when we went for a ride with Marc last weekend :)

  12. Hey FZRNOOB,

    I'm new to the forum too!

    Looking forward to the ride tomorrow! See you at the BP with @CBSheB @ 8.45
  13. Welcome mate. Nice looking bike.
  14. Yes but weekends get booked out fast so they can be hard to find.