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Hi there!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by perchyrider, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just thought I'd introduce myself.

    I'm in Melbourne, am getting my learners soon and am on the hunt for my first bike.

    I'm looking for something to take around the city and a bit in the country. My partner has an RVF400 which I am not keen on riding (the posture on sports bikes kills my back). I am particularly taken with postie bikes but I do wonder how good they are out on the open road. Any advice is welcome!

    Anyway, I look forward to chatting with you and finding out all there is to know about riding!


  2. welcome Belinda, in the last week we have had about 40000000000 females sign up to the boards so u should feel at home :)
  3. HI Belinda, HART rider training offer training on the postie bikes (honda ct110).

    and i found this the other day http://www.onetenmotorcycles.com.au/default.php?page=Testimonials they seem good enough to go around Australia!!
  4. Welcome Belinda! Goz is correct! Great time to join NR atm :)
  5. Hello Belinda, nice to have you here. I LOVE your avatar! I've always wondered where rainbows come from. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me.

    Without reciting a roll call of every small / medium naked / general purpose bike on the market, I think the VT250 is worth a look. The 250 Ninja looks like a sports bike, but throw a leg over and check the riding position for yourself. You may find it's a lot more upright and comfortable than the outward look of the bike suggests.

    Best idea - go to a larger bike shop (50+ bikes outside), and hop on everything, old, new, shiny, dull, big, little... The way a bike looks, often doesn't tell you what it's like to sit on, or ride. Also, while a particular style of bike may attract you aesthetically (sports bikes for eg.), don't restrict yourself to looking only within that genre. Cruisers, for example, look very cool (to some people - I'm not one of them) and have the advantage of a very low seat height and a low centre of gravity - so they feel much lighter than they really are, while the bike is stationary. They typically do not handle as well as an ordinary general purpose motorcycle, and are harder to ride.

    Besides, hanging around motorcycle shops is retail therapy I can relate to. Remember, it's meant to be fun. If the bike you ride is not fun, then fix it or change it for one that is.

    "If you think s3x is a pain in the ar$e, then you're doing it the wrong way."
  6. Hi Belinda, good to see you here. I've ridden a postie bike, (and can tell you they are not the most comfortable bike to ride), I'm sure you can do better than that. There are lots of lightweight learner bikes out there, have fun choosing one!
  7. If you do your learner course at HART you will be chucking your leg over one of the most bullet-proof and easy to ride 250's there is, the CB250.

    I have one myself, just PM me if you have any questions about it :)
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  9. Welcome Belinda. Ride safe and enjoy the ride. And yes, great avatar.
  10. Welcome Belinda to the forum!

    Good luck with the bike search, let us know what you choose!

    There are a number of sports tourer and dual sport bikes on the LAMS list which will give you a more upright riding position, e.g. Yamaha XT660, Suzuki XF650, Honda XL650V. I have a Kawasaki KLR650 which I am very happy with.

  11. Thanks so much for all your welcomes and advice!

    It looks like I have quite a bit to think about before buying a bike. And a lot of bikes to sit on!
  12. New bikes I'd be looking at:-

    Kawasaki: Ninja 250R, CB400, Ninja 650R
    Honda: VTR250, CBF250
    Yamaha: FZ6R
    Suzuki: The trusty GS500F (or just the GS500)

    There's a ton of second hand bikes on the market that are LAMS approved if you don't want to go new. Just ensure they are on this list.

    Anything under 250 you might get a little tired of rather quickly, don't be put off with the engine size.

    As far as riding position goes, they're not that aggressive. Look at the handlebars compared to the seat. If the handlebars are at seat level, and they're bent inward, that's more of a sport bike riding position. A sport tourer position is more upright; the handlebars are straighter and higher up. It doesn't mean you can't get down low and ride it aggressively, it's just more comfortable when you're tootling around in traffic.
  13. Hiya Belinda , welcome to NR :D

    Suzuki GS500 is a great bike to learn on , mine has served me well ..
    he is now up for sale, if your interested , pm me;)
  14. Hi Belinda and welcome!

    I'm one of those 40000000000 women that recently joined :p

    Good luck with your bike search- there is so much to choose from!
  15. I sat on a CB400 and it felt good. But I just wasn't excited about it. I want a bike that I can get excited about!
  16. edit: actually, I'll get in trouble for saying that.

    Ninja 650R. Very fun bike.
  17. Hi perchy,

    There are loads of bikes out there so just on em' and take them for a ride. You'll find something that suits your needs.
  18. Nice pony, Quo Vadas.
  19. Do dealers in melb let learners test ride bikes?

  20. Yes. As long as you have your licence with you and you sign the form that states you pay the exhorbitant excess should you bin the bike.