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Hi there ;)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mischiefmaka, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. My names SJ ive just got my learners and am here looking for some advice and to learn a bit about bikes....
    look forward to chattin with you all ;)

  2. Hi SJ and welcome to NR.
  3. Welcome (again :LOL:).
  4. welcome to your new life SJ
  5. Welcome.. Your from Benders, had a few interesting times on the booze up there with mates... strange town that benders, enjoy it on a bike! (an escape method?)
  6. My God daughter and best mate live there. So did the wife, kids and I for almost 5 years.

    Great place to VISIT, is that place Bendigo!
  7. Hi Lolly ,

    Fancy seeing you here , welcome to the world of 2 wheels ..

    might see you out and about one day ,


    Kitt :)
  8. arrgghhhh, Chatters are following me.... runs away.......
  9. OMG its chatters central around here haha
    Must say im very flattered you all remember me LOL
    Look forward to getting out there and giving this bike stuff a solid effort. ;)
  10. Is that Belvedere Pizza still going in Bendigo?
  11. i think this is going to be 1 of those long threads again, female alert
  12. Hi Wayned , thanks for the welcome..
    Never heard of Belverdere Pizza but then im not a big junk food eater :p
  13. Yes Hello to you also Goz lol
    im feeling the love from you already :p
  14. It was a while back, when pizza wasn't junk food.

    I've split your welcome between your two intro threads, because I'm a Libran and couldn't pick one.
  15. welcome to the madhouse
  16. Welcome to netrider.
    I am camping at Bendigo this weekend to do a bit of mountain bike racing.
  17. Hi wolfmother...
    Im camping this wkend also, just not in Bendigo lol.
  18. Congrats CJ, your avatar was sufficiently provocative that I've had to adblock it in order to regain my sanity. :p

    Blaise is the only other poster to have warranted that honour ...

    Anyway, welcome!
  19. Hi Speed Demon,
    If your talking to me my name is SJ not CJ lol but hello thanks for the welcome and the boost to my ego :p

    I wasnt sure of protocol around here when i joined, most forums i join they like to see who you are to begin with so i thought id oblige, I can remove the pic and put something random / ascetically unpleasing up if thats more the thing around here?