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Hi there....never too late to start again?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by farkus, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. In a past life, I remember commuting to work on a Kawasaki LTD250, and found it quite enjoyable....
    However, other priorities intervened, the bike was sold and that was that....
    Fast forward 20 years...
    Now 42, I'm looking for something different. I've had the occasional dream throughout the years of touring around the country...as some lucky individuals are no doubt experiencing this very moment. There exists this strange phenomenon whereas every time I'm driving my car and see a group out on a social ride/tour, I become twitchy and restless...

    This could only mean one of three things:

    A: I need psychiatric help.
    B: I need to buy myself another bike, get a new exciting social life with people just like yourselves....stop dreaming and do the tour!
    C: All the above

    That said.... what to buy?...so many makes and models to choose from. Could literally spend years test riding.
    Ok...could use some feedback/advice here...
    I'm after comfort and versatility, NOT horsepower. I like to look at the scenery...social rides, national parks, easy trails etc. Mainly commuting and not forgetting the dream tour!
    Budget <$10,000
    Initial research has me in love with the BMW F650 GS series. Reviews suggest this bike has all my wants covered.
    Am I on the right track?
    Very interested in your replies!
  2. hello and welcome, if the beemer floats your boat.....go for it!
    it sounds like it suits your needs
  3. The F650 is an OK choice but we need more info. Does your ten grand cover everything you need or just the bike. I am a big fan of the GS500 Suzy and even buying a new one will leave you heaps to buy all the riding apparel and touring gear you will need.

    But really, unless you're in a big hurry, test ride anything that takes your fancy - it's quite surprising how the actual product can differ from what we imagine it will be like. Good luck....Kobo
  4. Hey farkus, welcome and enjoy your stay.
  5. Welcome. Never too late :)
  6. First of all, welcome to the friendly forum.

    NSW South Coast? That puts you somewhere between me in Wollongong and Joel in Mogo???

    Never too late, we've got one Netrider here who STARTED at 38 (I think!)

    Budget for gear, and full-comp insurance as part of your calculations. Because you're over 40 you'll get a good rate from Western QBE; start asking your way from there.

    And see you on the road; there's a lot to be said for just loading a toothbrush and a clean pair of jocks in the Ventura and hitting the road, and you don't have to do it at a million miles an hour to enjoy it.....
  7. Welcome farkus

    Good to see someone else looking at off road.

    In regards to your bike selection, what are you mainly going to be doing?

    Overnight trips, long rides with a bit of dirt, long rides through dirt forest trails, harder technical trails with plenty of ruts and rocks?

    HUGE selection out there, and whilst the perfect compromise bike is yet to be made some go very close. You have a good budget and would get you a few year old BMW650 Dakar (as opposed to the F650 which is less off orad and doens't look as good :cool: ). You will pay for the privilege of buying BMW, and having ridden one, it is a good bike but don't discount the following; Aprilia Pegaso, KLR650 or for more dirt DR650 and XR650L

    Try and get as many accesories as as you can on the bike, they aren't cheap to buy, yet a higher mileage specced up bike will save you money in the long term if you keep it a whle.

    Good luck with it all
  8. farkus.... its simple what did douglas adams have to say about it?


    I rest my case...
  9. Welcome farkus, you know what they say about things that are easy to come back to - "it's like riding a bike!"... OK, I think they meant a pushbike, but still :)

    The only thing I'm not too keen on in BMW 650GS is its one cylinder engine. I think for covering any kind of distances at any kind of speed, a multi-cylinder engine would be preferable. Though I'm aware that people manage to tour on these BMWs somehow! Anyway, maybe also have a look at Suzuki's V-Strom (650cc)? Cheaper than a beemer, too.
  10. Welcome to the forums farkus.
    Hve you ridden the BMW F650 GS?
    I had a loaner one from BMW for the weekend a couple of years back and the vibration in my arms and hands by the end of the weekend was terrible.
    Maybe check out BMW and see if you can take one for a weekend trial :)
  11. Welcome Farkus - I would go with A: but ignore it and indulge the symptoms B: hope you enjoy the return.
  12. Welcome Farkus!
    Option B is sure to be cheaper than option A :LOL:
    While your looking at models, have a gander at Honda's Transalp. It's been around for donkeys years (with a long break in Oz) but I reckon it meets your requirements pretty well....
  13. I started from scratch last year at 41 but I'm sure I'm not unique. "Mid-life crisis" I hear you say ? err.... maybe :oops:
    But it is great :wink:
  14. silly. A workmate of mine just bought one of these BMW's. He hadn't ridden or driven for over 20 years. Got his licence back and headed from Syd to Adelaide and back. No worries except for a puncture. He's headed there again now, on a 4 week tour. He's just turned 50, it's never too late.

    He's just purchased an offroad motorcycle tour business in the Flinders Ranges.
  15. Clean pair of jocks? wuss. dont listen to him farkus, jocks are for the weak.

    welcome to netrider :D
  16. Don't you think that singles tend to vibrate more than multi-cylinder engines, especially when working harder? To me, that makes them less desirable for longer trips and higher speeds. "Less desirable" doesn't mean impossible. I know people do long distances on Dakars, but since the original poster expects mainly road use is the Dakar really the best option for him?
  17. Thanks all for the replies...have test run the 650 V-Strom...and came back smiling! Decisions decisions......
  18. +1
    Im not that far behind you :oops:
  19. I picked up my first bike on 25 November 2004, and turned 44 on 8 December. This surprised and stunned quite a few of my friends and relations, but they seem to have gotten used to the idea.

    Welcome, Farkus. The Wee-Stroms seem to be really nice bikes!
  20. no it's never too late to start again

    My dad got back on the road last year after 25 years of not having ridden apart from trail bikes.

    and he promptly kicked ALL our arses racing down gorge rd.